Is this some kind of penalty?


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Mar 31, 2010

I had a site that dropped from 8 to 70 a few days ago after I made some on page changes. Nothing dramatic - Just shortened the title and layout of the page. There were no changes made to outgoing links etc.

Anyways, since then, I have published about 14 ezine articles, have got two PR6 Homepage highly relevant do follow backlinks to my site and it is still stuck at 70. Has not moved at all.

Am I under a penalty and can I expect things to change any time soon?
Your keyword was probably based off of your title, and changing the title may have reduced the relevancy of your page.
1. There is no "Google Police" that comes and gives out penalties.

2. Drops like yours usually happen when you make on page changes. You should update your content, and keep building some backlinks.
I wish I had not made those changes. It was a very minor change and I din't expect it to lash out like this. I guess I have to build more and more links to get where I was before.
Maybe your site is not relevant with your keyword, title, description.

look up your site relevancy

Google doesn't penalty your site, if google does, you will never see your site at google
If so stuck on this issue, maybe a reevaluation request from Google can help.
I don't really want to bring my site to personal attention at Google. I have blasted out backlinks to my backlinks with comment spam although I have not spammed by site at all.

If I bring it to their attention and they look into that, it is going to look pretty bad.
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