1. Zatoichi

    Did Instagram just disabled scraping more than one screen length of followers ?

    Or did I push it too far and got some kind of limitation on my accounts? Regards, Zatoichi
  2. lionsteel

    Domain penalized , i want to sell , should i tell the buyers

    hi everybody i have a good domain name , i want to sell in the market but this domain got penalized from google and that's because i plagiarized an article from another website (i was newbie , want to try somthing) and after a while i got a manual action message . now i want to sell JUST THE...
  3. Ramsweb

    Is this some kind of penalty?

    Guys I had a site that dropped from 8 to 70 a few days ago after I made some on page changes. Nothing dramatic - Just shortened the title and layout of the page. There were no changes made to outgoing links etc. Anyways, since then, I have published about 14 ezine articles, have got two...
  4. R

    Bookmarking tools- Really efficient ?

    Hi everyone ! I have an important question : are the Bookmarking softwares/tools really efficient ?! (BMDemon, SocialMarker, etc) I mean, don't they send duplicate contents even if they can randomize/rotate them ? Let's say you want to send 50 BM and that the software can only...
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