pdf backlinks

  1. J

    Formidable pdf upload

    Okay I know How to upload normal pdfs , site:.edu allwed file types What I wanna know how to upload in links like these? Formidable file uploads , I can Upload on some sites some times too but idk how to find the uploaded link.
  2. udayantha11

    pdf backlink problem

    i am going to make pdf including 500 words and share it on Slideshare. what I need to know that - anchor text should put inside the article or in the description? i am confused that if i put anchor text on article (pdf) its not linked.. am i right?
  3. A

    Here is a short Intro

    Hello Great Peoples, This is Aamir Amin an SEO learner. I came here to learn the great strategies of the SEO gurus. I hope i become successful to get the things done in the right way.
  4. Jimmy L

    PDF Backlinks

    One of my competitors used the weirdest PDFs for his/her backlinks. Their site went from 3K monthly visits to 12K visits in a month according to SEMrush. When you click on the PDF, it goes to a weird ebook, not in their niche. The title of their website is in the URL and not in the PDF...
  5. alexel

    PDF Backlinks

    Do PDF backlinks carry any value?