pdf backlinks

  1. V

    How to index a pdf in minutes?

    Hello BHW members! I'm looking for a way to index a pdf. I saw a lot of "Game Generators" pdf. classified on the first google page indexed in minutes. Does anyone have any idea how to do this?
  2. NicuT

    How is it possible to index the pdf in a few minutes?

    Hello blackhatworld members, I opened this topic because for 2 weeks I have been struggling to index pdf files in google. Uploading the pdf file is easy and I think everyone here knows that, but the problem comes with indexing, reading here on the forum I understood that if it is not indexed in...
  3. J

    Formidable pdf upload

    Okay I know How to upload normal pdfs , site:.edu allwed file types What I wanna know how to upload in links like these? Formidable file uploads , I can Upload on some sites some times too but idk how to find the uploaded link.
  4. udayantha11

    pdf backlink problem

    i am going to make pdf including 500 words and share it on Slideshare. what I need to know that - anchor text should put inside the article or in the description? i am confused that if i put anchor text on article (pdf) its not linked.. am i right?
  5. A

    Here is a short Intro

    Hello Great Peoples, This is Aamir Amin an SEO learner. I came here to learn the great strategies of the SEO gurus. I hope i become successful to get the things done in the right way.
  6. Jimmy L

    PDF Backlinks

    One of my competitors used the weirdest PDFs for his/her backlinks. Their site went from 3K monthly visits to 12K visits in a month according to SEMrush. When you click on the PDF, it goes to a weird ebook, not in their niche. The title of their website is in the URL and not in the PDF...
  7. alexel

    PDF Backlinks

    Do PDF backlinks carry any value?