pbn 2017

  1. skotykoty

    need backlink pbn da pa 60+

    need backlink pbn da pa 60+ email : [email protected]
  2. skotykoty

    need backlink pbn da pa 60+

    need backlink pbn da pa 60+ email : [email protected]
  3. skotykoty

    NEED PBN Premium Quality PBN backlinks | DA UPTO 60 | MANUALLY LOW OUTBOUND

  4. S

    Does CF/TF matters as much as DA/PA ?

    Hey there, I am new to this forum. I am trying to build a powerful PBN. I have found some expired domains with High PA/DA (50+) but their CF/TF is not that high (some has even less than 10). So should I buy those domains or not? Does CF/TF need to be as high as DA/PA ?
  5. cmghostbuster

    To build PBN's is necessary to host in worlwide hostings or you can host them on local hosting?

    Hy, I want to try create a small pbn. I have 6 domains and i want to host each one on a different hosting account. So 6 domains , 6 hosting accounts, 6 dedicated ips. The problem is that i want to purchase this from the same provider ( because it's cheaper) and also it's a local hosting...
  6. K

    A help with PBN

    Hi, i am fairly new here, i have some questions. I got those free tools from supa site and scraped some expired wordpres.com, Tumblr and Blogspot sites with some PA, now since i never did deal with PBN's but i was reading about them. First how safe are PBN's i is it ok to use anchor texts with...
  7. ivantrajcev

    *IMPORTANT*HELP* PBN is getting live/deleted

    Hello, I have a problem with my pbns. I have about 8 Pbn strong links who is linked to my moneypage. Somewhere I am making a mistake. Every day only 1-2 pbns are live, the others are deleted. Then the next days other 2 got read in majestic the others get deleted. They have been getting...
  8. iOptimize

    Creating a PBN

    Hi, I want to learn SEO, mainly PBN. Heard some good things about it. I want to rank my new site for low competition keywords. Since I am new to PBN, can anyone link me to a thread on BHW that has detailed explanation about SEO like social signals, infographics, custom video, PBN, etc., mainly...
  9. M

    Does google see the IP used to create/manage/post a Blog?

    Hello Guys, I want to make 5 blogs to rank high in a "easy" keyword. The blogs will work as a small PBN, so the same care apllies here. I was wondering, Does google see the IP used to create/manage/post a Blog? - Do I will leave a footprint if I create/manage/post with the same IP(or IP...
  10. D

    Shall I start PBN to my site?

    Hi, that's showing stats are of my website, I kept it off for 8 months is it right time to start working SEO. PBN will be good idea?
  11. P

    best hosting for PBNs specifically?

    best hosting for pbn specifically (hardly much traffic). i hv around 20 pbns , have hosted some on bigrock,hostgator,namecheap.i try to host 2-3 on 1 host so looking for cheap and safe hosts for pbns. Easy blog network is around 400$per year for 10 sites ,which is expensive i believe as for...
  12. P

    social profiles for pbn problem

    hi , if i hv pbns on usa servers and aliases inusa and i use an indian ip for socials will it be a footprint for google? Thanks
  13. C

    Greetings BHW, looking for Digital Agency w/Auto Sales Experience

    Hello everyone, I an experience copywriter and marketing consultant that is now trying to learn the technical side of this business. Specifically SEO through PBN's and other proven methods of generating leads on line for a new concept we are trying to promote in the Automobile industry. If...
  14. seopsycho

    How to start your own PBN and staying under G’s radar - part 2

    Part.2: Finding hosting for your PBN sites Before reading this, you should read first my first post: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/how-to-start-your-own-pbn-and-stay-under-gs-radar-part-1-domains.975714/#post-10438394 It is about time to share the second part of my PBN guide. Again, I...
  15. bash99

    Google Dance after Backlink

    Exactly one month I added a PBN link to my moneysite. After one day the targeted main Keyword jumped out of the SERPS and one day after again into the SERPS. The happened the next 4 days but the main Keyword didn't come back. Besides the possebility that the PBN is spammy (tested the the domain...
  16. seopsycho

    How to start your own PBN and stay under G’s radar - part.1 Domains

    Part.1: Finding, Choosing and Buying Domains. It is my time now to share something useful with BHW. First of all, I would like to ask you to excuse me for my bad English. Now let's get to the point. This series of posts aims to give you a jump-start on building, managing and benefiting from...
  17. blackshadowseo

    Backlinks analysis

    My competitor has nearly 2 k referring domains but i cant say which are his own which are spam which are original.How to identify the domains from where he is getting power?How to identify his PBN sites?
  18. M

    PBN Domains are Indexed But Google not considering BackLinks

    Hello Guys, It's been 4 months since I start my PBN and so far I have no results that makes my sick and I start looking what's wrong and I found out that google isn't indexing my backlinks. I have built 40 domains PBN and Google isn't indexing 24 domains backlinks. Even all the sites are...
  19. N

    How to build a PBN?

    Hi guys, do you have some sources where I can inform me about building a PBN? Or maybe you can share your experience.. Thanks.
  20. R

    How to Run PBN and Where to Buy domain for PBN?

    Hi everyone. im watching BHW and try to learn SEO. im not clear about PBN still. suggest your ideas mates.. Thanks in advance
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