payper click

  1. L

    google ads and facebook ads suggestions

    I need some suggestions guidance about google ads and facebook ads which are the best tools to find keywords for both or tell me some other way from which i can find good keywords for both ads Thank You
  2. Mymusic

    Looking to buy traffic to improve my google ranking.

    Hello guys, Sorry for asking noob questions. But this topic of buying traffic is really attracting me for a long time. I have heard many times that getting more and more real human traffic can improve google ranking. I really don't know if this is a ranking factor but I am very curious and...
  3. V

    Affiliate program which focuses on Pay Per Install / Pay Per Download

    Hi, in 2015 I work with truemediaparter but the site is closed, I have 5 blogs that have 600-1500 visits, anyone know similar sites
  4. T

    How can i get a free traffic in my New website Please any help !

    How can i get a free traffic in my New website Please any help ! any method or website or something to get free traffic guys !? hope someone help me
  5. seoxz

    Facebook Ad Optimization

    Best tool for Facebook Ad Optimization suggest something please
  6. M

    pay per click (advice)

    hey bhw just got a question for yall...does pay per click work through cpa companies? i know it works bby getting an advertisers on your web then getting payed per click. but where would you sign up for that stuff? cpa companies?
  7. smartsem

    Linkbucks method to earn at least $50 per day

    Recently i am working on linkbucks and while seacrhing on google i found a good ebook about linkbucks. This method was about converting your CPA or download links with linkbucks and make automated money with the two programs. means you will paid by the CPA program at the same time you paid by...
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