payoneer withdrawals

  1. thealbela

    Do I Need to fill this form by payoneer. Is it Safe? Newbie Here

    Newbie Here, As the title says Do I Need to fill this form by Payoneer. Is it Safe? PS: Please move the thread if posted in wrong forum.
  2. AppleBanana

    Payoneer Blocked My Account after I added my bank details

    Seriously, there's been news here and there that I heard of staying away from Payoneer. Few days ago, I have received my first ever payment from Amazon to my Payoneer account. Not much, just 3 figures from an affiliate website. So, I proceed to add my local bank details to my Payoneer account...
  3. dhia27

    Which PAYMENT options do you use&accept for BST ??

    Hello folks, I've been looking for honest answers to these questions. So, please take your time helping me out. Which payment options do you feel comfortable with when using them here ? [obviously other than PP] Did you deal with someone accepting these payment options ? [obviously inside the...
  4. H

    Where to make Paypal to Payoneer Exchange?

    Hello peeps, i was wondering if any of you know where i can exchange paypal money for payoneer, i tried linking mine, but i am getting error messages
  5. H

    Does PayPal support Payoneer ACH Again Now To Withdraw Money

    Some months ago PayPal did not support Payoneer ACH account to withdraw money from PayPal to Payoneer account. Does this issue fix now? Thanks
  6. tendemo

    PP Issues Im stuck

    Hi I just had my payoneer card removed from my PP account. I need to withdraw ASAP and don't know what to do I need a VBA with debit card facilities. Kindly advise.
  7. C

    PayPal & Payoneer is no more....

    Some of you may or may not know... PayPal has refused to continue business with Payoneer, anyone who has Payoneer attached to their PayPal may find very soon that they do receive an email from PP, explaining that they are now no longer allowing withdrawals from your PP to attached Payoneer bank...