payoneer alternative

  1. mainceaft

    What the hell is Payoneer Account Fee

    This kinda annoying two years ago I opened account with Payoneer about year ago I receive payment from another guy it was 55 Euros Today when i check my account I found it balance 31 Euros and they toke 25 Euros as Account Fee , That complete nonsense I didn't use that account at all only once...
  2. GermanBotMafia

    Payoneer alternative

    Is there any alternative to Payoneer including these features ... A) Mastercard or Visa card, physical not virtual B) bank account to receive money via IBAN SEPA Thank you for your help!
  3. S

    Who can recommend a functioning online bank account that I can connect to my paypal?

    Hello guys, I was wondering if anyone could suggest an online bank account I could create from the comfort of my home that doesn't require my real bank account details to setup and can be connected to either payoneer or paypal. Also an online bank account which i could use to buy or send bitcoin...
  4. AppleBanana

    Payoneer Blocked My Account after I added my bank details

    Seriously, there's been news here and there that I heard of staying away from Payoneer. Few days ago, I have received my first ever payment from Amazon to my Payoneer account. Not much, just 3 figures from an affiliate website. So, I proceed to add my local bank details to my Payoneer account...
  5. placiddark

    Payoneer Alternative for UpWork?

    Does anyone know of a prepaid MasterCard with an attached US bank account? I want to use it to setup US bank account withdrawal on UpWork instead of using Payoneer. Card fees are pretty much the same across the board from what I've seen. Even Ten X is cheaper than Payoneer now. I'm just not sure...
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