1. 7

    Payment gateway

    Hello guys. I wanted to share my recent dropshipping journey with you all. I started my store a few weeks ago and was thrilled to see some great sales. However, things took a frustrating turn when my PayPal account got limited and my funds were frozen due to a scam chargeback. In my search for a...
  2. 7

    Anyone Tried itpay.app, the Russian Payment Gateway?

    Hello everyone, I stumbled upon itpay.app, a Russian payment gateway. Has anyone here used it? I'm curious about its reliability, integration ease and overall experience. Your insights would be valuable as I explore whether itpay.app suits my payment needs. Thanks!
  3. C

    Payment suspend

    Hi guys hope you're well Does anyone know a solution to the problem of suspending payments of Google threshold
  4. techies55

    Adult hosting accept payment ACH/Bank Transfer USA

    Hello guys I need recommendations from you guys, I need hosting/VPS that can use ACH payments/bank transfers
  5. Yellowcrow

    Would you use this payment gateway as a buyer?

    Hello. PayPal is very inconvenient as a third worlder' & I have this payment gateway as the best alternative for me. https://razorpay.com/ They are pretty well respected in India & most sellers have it integrated.Its probably PayPal's biggest rival here. The refund process for the buyer is safe...
  6. Rupay247

    SEO Tools

    I want to know about different SEO tools
  7. Rupay247

    What is SEO? what are the scopes of SEO?

    I want to know about SEO and its scopes
  8. Rupay247

    What are the major steps for SEO success?

    define steps to get success in SEO
  9. Rupay247

    Give me some tips for seo?

    hii guys I am new on this forum.
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