payday loan

  1. S

    [SELLING]10 Ultra Premium Domains-Bulk Discount Available

    I am interested in selling the following domains: $24,999)-Ultra premium domain in highly lucrative Forex niche.Equally valuable for domain investors as well as end users.Estibot value over $170,000 $2,999)-Perfect domain for starting a sex tube...
  2. burzhui322

    Looking for WP Theme for Payday loan site

    Hey! I am looking for a decent Wordpress theme for Payday loan review site. I'd like to have some functionality inside CMS with filters, IP checker and some others. I've already checked many popular theme sellers and no one has what I want :weep: Maybe you can help me find theme of my dream? Or...
  3. Louie AV

    New Here. Want to know how to get approved for offering our Resource here on BHW.

    Hi Everyone, I work with a brand new Affiliate Network and I want to be able to post on here to offer our services to everyone who is in an affiliate in the Loan space. Please if anyone knows how I can go through this process here please help me out
  4. R

    Payday Loan Leads

    Hello, I am looking for US payday loan leads. No matter credit score is good or bad. No matter if it's decline by other lenders. We only need customers who are interested in taking loan. Anyone have payday leads PM me. Thank you
  5. P

    Payday Loan Affiliate Program

    Hey there, I just started working at an Online Payday Loan company that's been around for a while. We're a direct lender licensed in 20+ states. I was hired as an "online marketing specialist" (I specialize in SEO, PPC and strategy), but they also want me to head up the affiliate program. It...
  6. hameem

    What offers to send them to Payday Loan leads?

    I was wondering if any has any experience with payday loan leads. What offer (other than the loan offers themselves) would you send them or works with them? Will appreciate some responses. Cheers.
  7. F

    Payday List management- Maximize the revenue on your declined data

    Are you sending your payday traffic to a network or managing it with your own ping tree?? Either way we can bring revenue by send your declined customers to other payday offers through our Email and Call center team. We are able to handle up to 5000 data per day and willing to split up on a...
  8. P

    Simple Newbie question, should i buy an aged payday domain and why

    Hello and thank you for any and all responses. I am about to begin creating my own payday site. However, before I can begin I wanted to ask a question for SEO purposes. Should I buy an aged payday domain or just start my own? If I should buy an aged one, how old does it have to be? What are...
  9. K

    Have excess U.S. Spanish Payday Loan leads

    I get the leads in through a calls and then the call center rep goes through the application. Does anyone know how to send these applications to other lenders and allow them to be scrubbed by the credit bureaus like Microbilt. Or are any lenders interested in purchasing these? Thanks.
  10. P

    I am looking for Payday affiliate offers that convert the highest

    Hello all, I am looking for a payday affiliate offer that converts the highest. Does anyone know what offers are the best and if so who runs them? I've heard a lot of different stories and figure a forum like this will give a more open answer.
  11. P

    I am looking for affiliates in payday

    Hello, I am looking for affiliates to run our offers. I don't know what to type without getting flagged so please forgive the vagueness. We own and operate our own payday offers. We are top 6 in lead buying. We do not shave nor poach the leads.
  12. D

    Templates for payday loan flyers?

    Hi! Id like to sign up for a payday loan affiliate and then create flyers to put on cars. Does anyone know if I would be able to find a similar flyer to use as a template? Im not too skillful with creating nice looking flyers. I could always look on fiverr too! Thanks, Denise
  13. D

    Payday Loans- will my plan work? online/offline hybrid

    Hello! I plan to 1) Become a payday loan affiliate (im not sure which one yet, suggestions welcome) 2)Get .com domain and create a website reviewing several payday loans (maybe 4) 3)Write articles about payday loans with the link in it and add to article websites (2 articles a day) 4)go to low...
  14. A

    Finance affiliate program

    What is - Is a pay-per-lead affiliate program which pays you for your visitors who fill applications on our destination sites where we offer financial products. What is lead? - Lead is a potential customer of financial product, defined by a filled application. After coming to our site...
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