paxum withdraw

  1. Bloodseeker

    Help me get my money out of Paxum!

    I received my first payout from @LosPollos a couple of days back. I chose Paxum as a payment method without doing any research. Now, my money is basically stuck with them. None of the options to withdraw money to my bank account is working. Either the country is unsupported or the currency or...
  2. ImeDesigner

    [Help] I have some funds on Paxum that I would like to use.

    Hi guys! So I have some funds on my new Paxum account that I would like to use, I'm not planning to withdraw any of it since it's a real pain and their support is the worst I've seen. I want to buy some stuff online, mostly games stuff or softwares but to my surprise, all the websites I...
  3. Y

    Paxum withdraw rejected

    Hey guys i've been trying to withdraw my funds from my paxum to my visa card contacted them and they came back to me with "visa cards are not supported anymore" so i tried my mastercard and it didn't work since in my country u can only pay with mastercards anyways i tried eft but my country is...
  4. julianafoxa

    Is paxum allows payment from this

    Hi, I recently started working with crakrevenu and I made $$. Now I want to withdraw by paxum. but some say's paxum not allowed $$ from crakrevenu, is it true?. Please tell me if you know about this, otherwise, all my hard work are going fail.
  5. atticanibal

    Is there anything you can do with paxum ?

    So I get paid to paxum from somewhere and a few month ago there were some exchange sites where i could exchange paxum to paypal. Now that isnt available anymore nor to any other payemnt thingy like advcash or payeer or whatever , not even to bitcoin. Then a month ago i was able to withdraw the...