Last chance to attend the SEO conference of the year...

    Still not sure if attending is worth it, here are 5 more reasons why we think you should: 1. The focus is on you - the attendee. UnGagged has the best attendee-to-speaker ratio around (8:1). This means you have the chance for real one-on-one time with them. 2. Attend some great parties. Not...
  2. C

    costumes-- experiences?

    Hello... looking for a brandnew animal onesies costumes i found pajama-sale offering loads of costume at really good prices. like this one: so... has anyone ever gotten anything there?
  3. R

    I'm paid to RaveHi! My Journey through EDMM!

    INTRODUCTION Hey what's up, I'm RaveHi! I'm an 18 year old entrepreneur based out of the California Bay area. I recently had the idea to approach the EDM industry from a marketing perspective. I created a concept called EDMM - Electronic Dance Media Marketing! I'm currently getting everything...
  4. D

    electronic music and ibiza related leads

    Hi! I'm looking for electronic music and ibiza related leads, for example websites like mixmag, djmag, residentadvisor, ibiza spotlight, white ibiza, partysan, tilllate, beatfactor. If someone have anything to offer in this niche just post here what you have and your offer. Thank you!
  5. blackma

    So How Does it Take to get good on the guitar?

    I want to be able to play some songs on a guitar (acoustic). Maybe 20 or so party songs. So how long would it take to learn all the chords and notes and whatever? I am a beginner and starting completely from scratch.
  6. B

    Suggestions for Monetizing my Blog

    Hi BHW, My website is a bar review, beer review, and new music blog called barsfromlastnight. I've had trouble monetizing this site. We are looking to get sponsors for our available ad space, but does anyone have any suggestions how to make it profitable?
  7. A

    Apartment Ideas - Want to Party A LOT

    Ok so I am a Junior in college now and I own an apartment for the first time. I'm looking for things that I need to get. It's furnished, and top luxury apartment at campus. I want this place to be perfect for parties. I'm pumped about this. Also if you have anything like basics that anyone...
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