1. Windnfire

    Looking for Partnership Program Expert

    Hi, BHW! We got around 50 experts in our team and 70 in the development of crypto products. We can provide full-stack development and marketing for any kind of crypto project. Right now, we want to develop a Partners Program and we looking for an expert. Need to develop a partners program...
  2. TheMav3n

    [JV] My SaaS product currently doing $2k/month + Your IG/Discord/Facebook Marketing = $50k/month

    Prologue I have built multiple successful ecom stores and recently decided to diversify into software as a service. I built and tested out a very lucrative idea that just needs some jet fuel to take off. I currently run the ecom stores and want a JV to reduce some of the weight on the marketing...
  3. C

    Question about partnering with BHW

    Remove if not allowed. So, I’m interested in the BHW partnership and I’m looking to hear about other’s experience with them. Also had a few question about the partnership would be great if you could answer them: 1. Does BHW do development work for equity? 2. Will BHW partner with a legal...
  4. Nia Jax

    How to became Google Partners

    Looking to know "How to became Google Partners", I did Google to find the right to earn Google Partners badge & got some link of the post but couldn't understand them clearly. So looking to know the way to learn Google Partners.
  5. thebotmaker

    WTB Paypal Account

    Quickly need a Paypal account (verified) to receive a payment and I will pay you from this. Also need recovery email. PM me please to discuss rate. Jr. VIP / reputable member preferred, but please give me your offers! ~thebotmaker
  6. Chupitch

    what's up? I'm new to this forum and I'm glad I found it.

    My name is Yoel, I'm a programmer and a marketing person - these two areas attract me, and from an early age I started to develop different kinds of bots that streamline the work. This year I decided to "go big" on the matter of programming and marketing. The project I am working on this year is...
  7. partnerplans

    new man with a plan

    hi there, i'm new and are looking for seo page 1 techniques and help etc etc i own a few sites and twitters blogs etc, and work with ebay partners. just opened a new flights n hotels search site, very nice it is and it's connected to my gold twitter with goldsmiths(the jeweller placey in uk for...
  8. 1

    With the rise of Blockchain tech and cryptocurrency, is there opportunity ?

    When the internet rose to popularity in the mid 90s, and when apps became heavily used in the mid 2000s. There was came about these websites that generate billions of dollars (ex Facebook) and apps getting millions of hits (Ex Instagram). Innovation about innovation due to the internet,web, and...
  9. Davidsongilbert00

    Seo partners

    I've been into seo for some months now. and ranked some pages 1st page i made good cash with them. but my sites later got de-indexed it took about 4 months though. ranking'll be faster if there are two or more persons. so I'll like to get 2-3 seo partners who'll be interested to work with...
  10. hYpeZz

    Looking for traffic methods for JVzoo/Warrior launch

    Hello, I'm preparing to launch a product on JVzoo( it's about facebook ads) and I'm looking for someone who has or knows traffic sources that can be added to my product as OTO(One time offer) We will share the commissions earned from your product, I have big affiliates prepared for promoting a...
  11. G

    I need USA Freelancer - Partners

    USA Freelancer,Partners - due to fast growing business: Provide and assist customers with product information Provide and assist customers with product information ? Respond to customer inquiries ? Schedule product pick up for credits ? Screen and redirect incoming calls to proper phone lines ...
  12. kodewhizz

    Looking for Partners - We pay upto $150 for every client you bring to us.

    Hello, We are looking for partners who can bring sales for these services: - Local/Global Website SEO, - WordPress/Wix Site development, - PHP development - E-commerce development - Custom Website Development, - Banner design - Logo design - Business card design We have a team of experts...
  13. C


    Hi everyone, My name is Claudine and I?m the Partner Manager at I wanted to let you all know about our new affiliate program. We are currently running campaigns in 7 different countries with a great CPA commission, and we are looking for new partners! If you are...
  14. D

    New Herbal Affiliate Program

    Hi there. I want to introduce to you a new affiliate program (can't post full link). The main product is a herbal supplement for people with type-2 diabetes. Commission is 10% from each order. If you are interested in it, please follow. It's absolutely free. If you have any questions about it...
  15. N

    JV Partner needed for site

    Hi, I am in search for serious JV Partner for Loan industry. I have registered domain name witch I think is very nice name. I have SMTP servers, Interspire and all. Interested to do JV with person who can make page, get leads and share profit with me. Based on status we...
  16. N

    Join Venture partner needed - Tube Porn Site

    Hi, We are in search of partner for our Tube porn site with very quality domain name and script content on it. All interest persons let us contact private. Best regards, Nemke
  17. A

    Hello World <Linux Users Bash Trashbin>

    I've been struggling with online marketing for a year. Haven't made a red dime. So I'm asking, can you join my network? Give me an email and I'll send you a link to a great cheap service. Webhosting, Webinars, Great support! Give me a chance, I'm only looking for 5 people who can find...
  18. S

    Need partners!

    I'm going to start online business in next two or three days and I need a team of people (at least 5 members). If you're interested,send me a private message so we will exchange contacts and preference is given to those with approved AdSense account and with online earning experience. My...
  19. D

    Etechshow need partners!

    I have a site Etechshow,need to find a partner for the SEO or promotion job,and i would like to share the order profit(30% arround) with him,please give response if have interestes
  20. A

    Partners for Academic writing in UK

    I need to know people working in UK as marketer for academic writing for me
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