1. Vccpanda

    Hello, BlackHatWorld!

    Hello, BlackHatWorld!
  2. farluhan

    Every Google Penalty & How to Recover From Them (Massive Guide of 19 Penalties)

    I first published this article here in my blog: TeddySEO I am sharing my own article so there's nothing to worry about copied content (had to say this because otherwise there will be a few comments on wow you stole that article bla bla) Google Penalty! The scariest thing that an SEO or a...
  3. shamsher41

    Is my site Penalize?

    As you can see below my site is not appearing for the domain name in the Google. In second screen shot you can see the last time Google visit my website was Nov 29, 2011 Is my website penalize? How can I recover it?
  4. S

    Google Panda And How That Name Happened

    I read on a SEO blog today that the name Panda was derived from one employee of Google - Search Quality Engineer as they are known - Navneet Panda. An Indian, Panda is a surname used in India.
  5. alifpunk

    [ASK] How to fix a site from Google algoritma !

    [ASK] How to fix a site from Google algoritma ! - Hello all member :rolleyes:, this month my blog a penalty from google ( panda, pinguin, dino & sandbox ) . I don't know because i'm using white hat seo trick and natural linking. For all member please help me to leave from algoritma :o , because...
  6. U

    My Site Hited by Google Panda 4.0?? what to do?

  7. nichexposure

    Google Begins Rolling Out Panda 4.0 Now

    Evil of IM word Matt Cutts said ,"Google Begins Rolling Out Panda 4.0"................. Lots of people scared about this update ..........Already lots of webmaster lost their traffic and ranking ............... impact is huge and seems to me ~7.5% of total queries
  8. xlcrash

    Google Is Working On The ‘Next Generation’ Of Panda

    New Panda more friendly to small businesses and sites? What do you think?
  9. zeetee

    New SEO Panda Leaks, Google Will Auto 301 redirect your Old Clone Sites

    Here are some highlights of John Mueller (Google Webmaster Trends Analyst) Feb 14th and Feb 24th hangouts on google plus. Panda and Content Spidering: If you are adding new content to your website daily make sure that spidering is increasing in Webmaster Tools. If you are adding content and...
  10. M

    9th Januray Google search update!

    Does anyone know what it is? I fell from the third positions at 11 and I have a daily fluctuation. Do you have similar problems?
  11. W

    SEO Question - Keyword Density and Spammy Links

    Hello, I have been told that my website looks a bit 'keyword spammy'. My keyword density is high and I suspect that is why my rankings have drop (Google algo updates). Is there a tool I can use to check my keyword density and report back if it is high? Also, I have a bunch of spammy links (I...
  12. A

    How many websites got hit by Google updates (Panda, Penguin etc.)?

    Hi BHW! I tried to find this information in Google but I can't find some relevant statistics about "How many websites got hit by Google updates (Panda, Penguin etc.) and how many of them has recovered?" All I found are people talking about "hundreds and thousands" of websites and nothing more...
  13. randybishop

    Panguin Tool: See how Google's algorithm updates have impacted your website

    This awesome tool connects with your Google Analytics account to help you see if and when you've been hit by Google Algorithm updates.
  14. cburton81

    Are Keywords Dead? Long Live Content. NEED to know Google changes.

    Google?s Secure Search changes and what they mean to your website marketing. If you have an SEO strategy in place, you probably need to now rethink it. Google has moved to secure search (using HTTPS), the ability to use and predict keywords trends ? playing the game with your online marketing...
  15. unsungwarrior

    Reconsideration request - Anyone?

    When I go into webmaster tools there is no button for requesting a review, it says ?No manual webspam actions found?. Please help what can I do for Google to reconsider my site? Visited this page first: then page 1 appeared (see...
  16. berkay1907

    Recover from penguen and panda manual penalty read this!!!

    THIS IS IMPORTANT SO YOU MUST READ THIS WELL We Had A Website About Web Design That Was Punished On The First Penguen And Panda Updates. Main Keywords was nowhere to be found when it was on first page before. NOW Maybe you can understand if there is manual penalty or not like this: IF your...
  17. F

    [Update] New Panda 26 update confirmed by Google

    Hello guys, It seems like there was a Panda update on the 18 July . Google confirmed the information saying that they wanted this new algorithm update to be softer than the previous ones. You can read more about here ...
  18. elvis1973

    Penalty Recovery Story - SUCCESS

    In March 2012 I received a manual penalty from Google,the "unnatural links" warning. Over the course of the last 12 months I have tried just about everything to have the link removed. I have told them it was due to dodgy seo and also sent about 10 reconsideration requests trying everything...
  19. codeman1234

    Panda Update #23, #24 and #25

    Hello, I just confirm that one of my websites has been hit with Panda Updates #23, #24 and #25 Can some please especify me what are those updates about or tell me where to find them, so, I can fix my site Thanks
  20. S

    Google Algorithm change?

    Hello friends, Is there any algo change or any new update from Google? It seems that Google might have updated some of its algorithm. Yesterday when I left my office, there were no visitors at all and today when I came back to the office and had a look at the rankings I was shocked to see that...
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