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  1. S

    Bing Ads Suspended Accounts and Problem with Campaign

    Hi! I had a bing ads account since november 2022, everything was fine except that there were no conversions. So i was working on optimizing the account, I even had a call with a specialist who said the account and campaign looks good A few days later the ads account got erased, i think it was...
  2. T

    25 Marketing Metrics You Should Consider Tracking

    Which metrics are right for each marketing channel, and how should you use them? Marc explains 25 metrics for retention, SEO, paid search, email and social. Source:
  3. B

    Ads for N95 masks and hand sanitizer wont run. PPC Suggestions?

    My store has a hand sanitizer/n95 masks/gloves. People want the stuff, but cant find it. Can't get ppc ads to run to them because big tech doesn't want to display them. Anyone have any ideas how i can get some US paid traffic going? All the big ad outlets
  4. ReliableSEOGuy

    Are you a Google Ads expert?

    Hey! I currently have a question I want to discuss with someone from BHW who has managed Google Ads accounts with larger monthly budgets (100k +). If you would have 5-10 minutes I'd really appreciate it if you could send me a short PM so I can get your opinion :) Thanks!
  5. Ask Surf

    Different between paid and organic search

    Learn how to get Different between paid and organic search
  6. S

    Re-marketing Strategies 2017 - Who's Using & What Works?

    Fellow Marketers, I've started this post because I'd like to get a gauge of current re-marketing strategies that you've used and had effective results with in 2017. The business in question is an online retailer in the construction industry (check out my bio). Currently I have dynamic...
  7. turkeypockets

    Recipes Niche With Bing Search: Small Sample Report

    These ads were for the purpose of selling recipe ebooks, offering a free version, and free alternatives, so the ads were gimmicky in nature to suit that. In order, here is a breakdown of the graphs 1. The title of the ad, with color being the device OS, and the size of the circle representing...
  8. E

    Keeping Large Keywords Lists Organized for SEO & PPC

    Does anyone have recommendations for software or tools to stay organized when working with large keyword sets? I am building an ecommerce site with a few hundred pages. I began building an excel spreadsheet to visually map out the site navigation, with fields for primary and alternate...
  9. D

    Get Paid while Searching the Web

    Hi Guys I've just found a very easy way to make a little money by simply searching the web. The site is called homepage friends, it uses yahoo and can be found here. I've looked over the site and it looks legit. I'm not sure how much you can make from this but as you'll be searching the web...
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