paid links

  1. Anticitizen1

    So paid link are now dead?

    After the google spam update, rankings of one of my sites decreased dramatically for main keywords. From 1 and 2nd page to nowhere. Yes I bought paid guest posts and a PBN service (10 links) but who doesnt ? I am still trying to find what was the footprint. Yes I communicated through gmail when...
  2. T

    Medical sites that buy/sell link placements?

    Hey guys, I am starting up work for an Optometrist (Eye Doctor) practice and am wondering what the best way is to find sites that offer link insertions. I do SEO for a technology company as my primary gig and I found a competitor that buys all of his links and just reach out to all of the...
  3. arplayer2k

    Looking for niche relevant, high quality PBNs

    Hi, I am looking for niche relevant, high quality PBNs. Something for the digital marketing niche. A lot of PBNs are zero value, no RDs etc. Not interested in those. Not 2.0's on public high da / pa sites, already have those. Any recommendations on good sellers? Thanks
  4. Seen Here Online

    High Quality Trusted Links All Handmade With Unique Content

  5. blackshadowseo

    Paid links

    I am looking for domain owners who are ready to give site wide links to my domain for which i will pay monthly.Are there any domain owners ready?
  6. B

    Can someone offer me some good PR links?

    I have a cleaning website, which is doing kind of okay. I've been doing a lot of different backlinks - articles, blogs, comments, profiles, link directories. Nothing spammy, only good places and good links (hopefully). But these things are not enough. I want to have mentions and citations...
  7. Scritty

    The Truth About Paid Link Networks In Late 2013

    No bullshit - no editorial. You know what a paid link is right? You know what a private network is right? If not there is a forum full of answers right here on BHW. What is a private network, a public one.. If you don't know this might not be the thread for you. If you need reminding then have...
  8. jagreen78

    iAcquire Banned From Goog --- interesting read

    big G is at it again....they seem to be relentless in banning everyone they can :)
  9. C

    What to do after paid links are hurting my SERPs?

    Hi, I bought a bunch of links for one of my websites and pretty much after that my positions have started dropping. I checked the websites and the links are good, the other people buying links for them are ranking well and I couldn't see anything wrong with them. Could it be that I...
  10. A

    Help out a newbie?

    Hi Black Hatters, I'm doing SEO work for a small company that has a few websites all operating in the same niche. I've done pretty well so far - the on-page is looking good and we've been building backlinks steadily with good results. Essay over. My question is this: how do you go about...
  11. S

    Buying Links

    Hi blackhaters, I just started working for a UK based SEO agency and paid links seems to be how things get done. Anyway I now have access to some customer budgets and I'm looking for quality sites to build quality links on for my customers. The agency has a set criteria they use for...
  12. J

    Paid Links

    Hey Everyone, I am looking to find some quality paid link directories. I have already posted on Yahoo, Best of the Web and Joeant. I was hoping that you all knew of a few more that were of good quality. Thanks!
  13. J

    Paid Links Directory

    Hello Everyone, I am looking to find some quality paid links in directories other than Yahoo and Best of the Web. I was wondering if you all know of any? I am trying to shoot for a domain authority of at least 70. Let me know if you know any! Thanks!
  14. sikandar

    Any good paid blogging sites?

    Recently I have noticed that some of my competitors are ranking above me for some keywords, because their backlinks are coming from various blog posts. Most of these blogs are having posts that link to different sites, so they must belong to a network of paid blogging sites. I'd like to know...
  15. J

    Presell Pages Hosted Marketing Pages

    Hello, I'm looking to purchase some high PR presell pages (hosted marketing pages). I have some general online reputation management work that could go on any high pr site, along with some pages to host for a site related to hot tubs, and one related to outdoor kitchens. Please private message...
  16. B

    Questions about Linkvana

    Linkvana seems to be a big thing now - cheap links on a daily basis. Our marketing director is hot for using them in our mostly white hat client SEO campaigns. I, on the other hand, only trust the hand-picked blogs that are kept way undercover. They are more expensive, but it's highly unlikely...
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