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  1. W

    My history from a poor broke guy to a successful entrepenueur

    Hello I want to talk a little bit about my long history since I was a newbie on SEO and my marketing strategies to generate traffic never work until now that I can generate millions of visitors to many websites I own and earn thousands of dollars. 9 years ago when I started doing affiliate...
  2. TheMatrixHasYou

    Question about PopAds and PopCash

    I am experimenting with paid push ads right now, I'm using popads and popcash because of their low minimum deposit amount. When I launch campaigns in both of these services I don't see any options to add visuals or edit the ad I am launching. How ever when I launch campaigns in I...
  3. T

    New Facebook Account

    Hi smart ppl. I'm running Facebook ads for many years now, and I already spent more than 500k on ads. My question is: is it recommended to create new accounts now and then to get better results? or running ads from 2 different accounts as I see others do? Curious about your input about it :)...
  4. BigAllenEnergy

    Hiring for Cold Email and Affiliate Marketing Roles

    We're hiring for two new roles in our company. Pay and Benefits - This is a remote role - Pay begins on an hourly basis for the first month. By month two we would bring you on to be paid bi-weekly. - As the role progresses to full-time we would offer salary & benefits (there is currently no set...
  5. N

    Need Advise From Senior & Experienced Entrepreneurs!

    Hello everyone! hope you are fine. I need some serious advise from you all. Actually, I am a student I am in 12th class about to end my college. Now, It's my time whether to continue in this online field or to go with MBBS degree. I want to tell you that I have 60K$ investment with me which I...
  6. viraljain

    Best Cheap paid traffic source for Cpa marketing.

    Hello evryone, I am doing cpa marketing from last 2 years with free traffic, but results are very low and time consuming. I have enough knowledge of cpa but i want to know best cheap paid traffic method. Please suggestion me
  7. W

    Looking for a way to use paid ads and avoid people with low purchase power

    Hello everyone I'm recently facing a problem regarding paid ads campaigns that I'm running in Facebook, Instagram and Google ads. I'm selling a online course about advanced coding which I built and which I spent few weeks to create. When I start promoting it using paid ads on...
  8. 4

    My Coinzilla Ads Account and Ads + Your Adspend

    With Coinzilla you can advertise anything crypto, Web3, NFT, and even crypto casino-related websites and projects. We can use this for crypto projects, targeting millions of crypto people and investors. No need for cloaking, proxies, white pages. My account is verified and ready to go. My Ads...
  9. W

    Need traffic for AI Tools affiliate programs

    Hey I need traffic for AI Tools affiliate programs but I'm struggling in order to get it. I already try get traffic using multiple platforms but I just get very low volume of traffic in most of them. I already use posts, vídeos, ebooks,articles, short form content etc. Since 2 months...
  10. W

    New AI Auto posting software automatize link building process unlimited times

    I recently discovery in a Telegram group a software that combines what RankerX/MoneyRobot softwares can do with a auto posting interface with AI. It can auto post in different type of websites, forums, communities sites providing a result, similar to services like some known link building...
  11. W

    Looking for alternative ways to get website traffic besides social media marketing

    Hello I'm looking for alternative ways to get website traffic besides social media marketing and forum marketing. In past I already tried paid ads from Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and Adwords to promote affiliate marketing products from Clickbank without success. After invested $20 in each...
  12. W

    Question about Adroll vs Google Ads - What to choose?

    Hi everyone I recently start promoting my affiliate marketing products and freelancer services through several social network with low success. Most of traffic seems useless and most people just put like, comment but don't click in my links to my websites. I notice that google ads and adroll...
  13. W

    What is the best paid traffic source to promote affiliate marketing offers

    Hello I have 2 websites which I write some reviews about different affiliate marketing products from Clickbank, Jvzoo, Warriorplus and few more from Shareasale. I usually promote using free traffic sources from youtube videos, Instagram, tiktok, facebook, quora, improving seo on my websites for...
  14. KusionMatch

    Pornhub Ads

    Hello guys. I want to promote my smartlink on pornhub through some banners, but I still have some doubts: - Where to find inspiration for promoted ads on PH? I have good ideas, but I feel uncomfortable to start my career in paid traffic using a creative created by myself, idk - I intend to...
  15. P

    Looking for a very good traffic strategy that works well for begginers in CPA

    Recently I start doing CPA business and yes I already try to promote some offers in Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, Tiktok, Twitter. And even with 1000 followers average in each social netwok I can barely get traffic to posts (100 views on youtube, tiktok videos, 50 views on...
  16. Didou

    Looking for Affiliate Ad Experts with YouTube Channels

    Hey everyone, Hope you're all doing fantastic! Here's the scoop. I'm on the lookout for folks who are crushing it with Facebook, Google, and Bing ads, particularly as affiliates. Since I'm new to this industry (paid ads), I don't know many of them. So, it would be awesome if you guys could...
  17. I Am Batman

    What best spy tool for cpa?

    Hi, can you suggest to me some best spy tools at a good price? Best if you also know the group share for it. Thank you so much.
  18. aj2smoove

    CPA marketing paid traffic

    Hello there, i want to promote an offer for CPA with paid traffic ,what you should I do ? With free traffic i don't have conversion...and i hope with paid traffic I will get some conversion ,i want to run surveys
  19. CloudBlack

    Hello BlackHatWorld

    Hello everyone from the Black Hat World forum, I'm CloudBlack, I'm 32 years old and I've been studying programming and digital marketing since I was 12 years old. Today I am a senior programmer specializing in many programming languages. I have a Web and Mobile Application Development SoftHouse...
  20. S

    Bing Ads Suspended Accounts and Problem with Campaign

    Hi! I had a bing ads account since november 2022, everything was fine except that there were no conversions. So i was working on optimizing the account, I even had a call with a specialist who said the account and campaign looks good A few days later the ads account got erased, i think it was...
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