1. speedie

    200,000+ monthly Traffic to Your Website ☄️ Boost Google Visits ☄️Skyrocket Pageviews and CTR ☄️ Spikes in Google Analytics ⚡⚡ Be the Tr...

    Open your eyes..Unleash traffic Sit back and watch your traffic SPIKE in Google Analytics 200k visits per month is what you will get. It will drip-feed or deliver gradually in 6700+ visitors per day for 30 days. For example, when you order the 200k traffic, we will start it within 48 hours and...
  2. F

    I Need Professional Advice Or Analysis

    Hello, So, the past months have been very terrible for me. All my hard work going down the drain. And it gets worse by the day. My website is about 3 years old. I really don't know what I did wrong and how to fix it. Back in the day? There was a time I wasn't earning less than $500 a...
  3. S

    Need hungarian ip google search traffic, sophisticated bot only!

    I need hungarian google search traffic for a couple of keywords, with low bounce rate (below 30%), with average pageviews 3+. Good quality hungarian ip for hungarian keywords with mixed source mobile, pc, tablet.
  4. P

    My Website Journey (Succeeded But Failed)

    Hello *My English is not my first language. I apologize if there's so many mistakes* I would like to share my "failed" journey & Experience, and I would like to share with you all my site earnings and statistics too. My website was banned and terminated forever by Godaddy 4 month after it's...
  5. cosmo89

    Step-by-Step Reddit & Quora Marketing Tactics for Massive Growth

    I just want to share some insights about Quora and Reddit marketing and how to generate leads from it. I found this article is much helpful for those who want to explore the community/QA forums and drive traffic to their sites. As per stat, In November 2016, Reddit posted 8 billion page...
  6. ergoprime

    Earning Money with PopAds through Pinterest Traffic?

    I know: Pinterest is great for Amazon Product sites, but I would like to know your opinion about Pinterest Traffic (Fashion Niche) and CPM Networks. Especially about PopAds. Does it make sense or should I concentrate on Amazon Affiliate? I think about making Galleries aka : "50 Great Summer...
  7. F

    Social Media Traffic and AdSense [Urgent]

    I've been using social media sites to generate traffic to my AdSense site for over a year now and have had no problems. But as of about a month ago I've noticed that AdSense is now only counting a fraction of the traffic and pageviews I get from my Facebook pages. Is anyone else having this...
  8. A

    Best way to monetize with 5000 daily page views

    Hello guys, We have our recently launched our website and getting 5000 pageviews! What is the best way/ad network to maximize our earnings? Based on this we are soon planning to scale upto 20000 pageviews. TIA!
  9. L

    page views generator

    Hi, i'm looking for a script or software to generate pageviews (fake ones) to a certain page of a website. Something where i can set the location and referrer as i need it to look as if the hits came from one country only. Is this possible?
  10. briptech

    Scrapebox new browser based ping mode: anyone using it with success?

    Hello BHWers, I have read that Scrapebox is now offering a browser based ping mode (in addition to the old ping mode). It looks like this feature can inflate page views on sites, but also on YT videos as well. Is anyone using it with success? Any guides available? Thanks in advance.
  11. L

    What would you say is a good amount of pageviews/day?

    I'm just curious as to know what people think is a good, strong amount of pageviews for the average site per day? I run a site and want to see how I'm matching up right now. Any opinions welcomed. :)
  12. S

    Hi BHW friends My blog pageviews decreased from 130 to 8 can somebodye help me please ?

    Hi BHW friends, From 3 days my blog page-views decreased from 130->8 :( Does Google blocked my site or any update is going on ? Can some one please clarify it !! Attached image please check it..!
  13. G

    Black hat way to get blog pageview

    hello, pls i wanna know if there is a black hat software that can generate page view by BOT or something like that, I just need to input the website URL, and the site will got thousand of page view, i wanna use this to increase my Alexa rank and weblog popularity..pls help.. i will be Glad if...
  14. K

    Free Pageview For Blogspot dot com

    if any one have blogspot blog just give me link i will give you free pageview hurry up me w8ing for link
  15. L

    How to monetize a huge amount of PageViews?

    Hi, which are good white hat techniques to monetize PageViews? Got a white hat project running, which generates about 12000 visitors / month. Its some kind of "picture" community so most of the visitors come only to click through galeries and stuff like that. Thats why the page generates...
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