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  1. MJ10

    [WTA] How To Rank In Hard Difficulty Keyword??

    Can Someone help me or share some trick to rank in hard difficulty keyword (check from ahrefs)... i have some project for my client but i see it very hard to rank in page 1 google for hard keyword my domain already 1 year old. maybe BHW members can help me how to rank or some tricks thank you...
  2. V

    [$5 Trial] We'll Give You 'SUPER-Targeted' Keywords With "NO COMPETITION" For "PAGE 1" Rankings

  3. P

    Youtube Vid Instant Ranking.

    Hello there, I recently noticed this happening throughout youtube... but I cant figure out how they do it. Upon upload this guy has been ranking on the first page without using the unlisted technique. Hes sitting at 300 subs and somehow able to rank on the first page right when he uploads...
  4. rejoin14

    Why is not that page #1 in google (picture)

    Hello, I'm pretty new into ranking an keyword and do a good keyword/competitor analyse. Could someone of you tell me why is page number 5 not rank 1? Or why is not page 10 on rank 9?
  5. seocrab

    ****ZERO to HERO**** Google Page 1 with FRESH site in 14 days with a $100 budget

  6. delboy2010

    Spamming to page one

    Hi everyone, a very competitive niche I monitor daily has since January had 2 positions always taken by redirecting affiliate domains. It is the same owner for definite but basically he is ranking sites short term with what looks like guest books, blog comments and image comments. They do...
  7. ramtripper

    (Journey) Hitting Page 1 For 2 Extreme Competition Keywords!

    Hey guys, so I've been working on a site ever since I started SEO. In fact, I've started SEO because of it. I have 2 extremely competitive keywords which I have been trying to rank for (not the smartest move from the beginning, but that's because I knew nothing, and then after getting exp...
  8. L

    SEO my website Page 1 in google

    Hello I would like to hire someone who would be able to get my website to page one of google for the keywords "how to ebooks" Site is: My budget is around $100 Or PM me if we can work something out!