1. Adaman9

    Luminati business ethics lol

    Came across this article about oxylabs / luminati lawsuit, about some tech patent infringement that Oxylabs alegedly did. It wouldn't be too bad of a look for luminati if that was the only thing but it appears that Luminati also did some shady scare tactics against their competitors clients as...
  2. Adaman9

    B2B scraping tools

    Hello! Actually looking for paid scraping tool that could be used in B2B. Best would be if it could run several users at the same time. Have checked several tools on the market, and Real-Time Crawler by Oxylabs seems like the one that is easiest to use and has most abilities in general...
  3. P

    Residential proxies with session control? Oxylabs? Others

    Looking for residential proxies that allow for session control (maintain the same proxy for the duration of session). Sessions may be anywhere from a few minutes to half a day, and I have other needs for proxies that persist for a few months at a time. First, I'm not sure if residential...
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