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  1. Random007

    Ask me anything about On page SEO

    I will try to answer
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  7. H

    SEO Gambling Sites in Indonesia ( White Hat and Black Hat )

    Hello, I am looking for SEO to rank my domains into Page 1 Rank 1 on search engine We can do Organic SEO first, if result are good we can do Black seo and long-term project Chat me on tg @velo88
  8. phwizard

    Low AS and traffic last couple years. Looking for culprit!

    TL;DR: my company website (Wordress-based) has a ton of unique organic content gradually developed since 2018, 673 indexed pages, but our Google traffic and Authority Score are sh*t and our traffic is now 10 times worse than 3 years back. Suspecting some major factor, an 'elephant in the room'...
  9. Focused99

    3 Easy Ways to Boost CTR and Traffic

    What's up, guys. I wanted to give you a few quick tips to boost your CTR (Click Through Rate) which will indirectly help blast you to the top of Google's rankings. What most people don't know is that, if Google shows your post to a lot of people, and they DON'T click on it, then this tells...
  10. C

    Local & Organic SEO expert needed

    Hello, Looking for a local & organic SEO expert. You must have over 5 years experience and prove your success. Please DM for more info.
  11. seoexpress

    How To Rank Organically When You Have No Money

    There are two types of content that rank on a search engine page. They include the paid search engine Optimisation and the organic SEO. The paid search generally takes about 30% of the search engine page. The organic content takes the other 70% of the sites that appear on a search engine...
  12. Indeedmarketing

    Some are laughing on those do follow organic white hat methods

    Dear friends, I am just curious why the grace of white hat seo getting trolled nowadays by new age SEO service providers. Those who are doing SEO Since 2005 -2006 know how hard to do SEO manually on those periods. There where times when organic SEO was not know to all fully, but they keep...
  13. Indeedmarketing

    Blogging fundamentals

    Dear friends, I am a new member to this great forum, but i am old freelancer too. Since 2006 i am in this freelancing industry. Initially writing a blog is the worlds most boring work in the world. we plan and open a blog page for our website. Then at the time of writing contents, we will be...
  14. M

    How to get domain name to first position?

    Hello there BHW members, I want to know my client domain is, But the issue is that they are loosing the customers who are searching for them with their domain name (indus valley). in search results all the it comes up with indus valley civilization. We have a very good ranking...
  15. mapasorimon

    20 Minutes SEO Guide

    How can I download this "20 Munites SEO Guide" Book please help me someone or tell me if you downloaded already?!
  16. Adia

    Change traffic sources

    I want campaign traffic to be reported under organic without using Google Analytics or UTM. I'd prefer a code to be placed on the page to rename traffic sources. Any suggestions?
  17. T

    Traffichive has been such a huge success and growing each day. We are thenking everyone for the support they have given us and will give all new members who signup from BHW 500 minutes they can use to send traffic to their sites.
  18. Y

    What is Organic SEO ?

    All this talk about planning for SEO is great, but what about organic SEO. You don?t have to put any efforts into that, do you? Don?t go fooling yourself. Organic SEO is just as much work as any other type of SEO. It?s just a little different method of creating a site optimized for search...
  19. xbyte

    Not provided, an issue for you ? We got the solution

    Hello everyone We are working on a new online tool that will let you know from which keywords all your organic traffic is coming from, just like the good old days. We are expecting to launch the product within 2 weeks. PM me your contact details, and you will receive an email once its ready and...
  20. R


    I am new member of this forum & came from Hyderabad India. I learning the seo course.
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