How To Rank Organically When You Have No Money


Jun 23, 2011
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There are two types of content that rank on a search engine page. They include the paid search engine Optimisation and the organic SEO. The paid search generally takes about 30% of the search engine page. The organic content takes the other 70% of the sites that appear on a search engine. Generally paid search is very expensive. There are many people who are not able to cater for the paid search since it is very exploitative. Actually, for some, they pay for everyone who clicks on the page which if you calculate might lead to investing so much capital.. The best option for you as a web developer is to use the organic way to rank very highly.

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Creating Round-up Posts

When creating a website you need to consult the experts. If you are talking about a fashion niche, you need to connect to similar fashion niches that have already grown big. One big way to do it is by approaching the blog owners or participants via the forums then create a roundup post.

The tricks for creating a round-up post are quite easy. You should ask experts to contribute to your round-up post. Moreover, you should ensure that you ask the relevant questions for your niche in question. By this, I mean those difficult questions that there is no concrete answer online. Basically, search engines love forums in a huge way and hence a lot of traffic is going to be highly generated.

By contributing to other peoples round-up posts that means that they can also contribute to your round-up post. In a round-up post, this is the place that you are bound to place a majority of your links.

In the modern times today, Google is rapidly changing its algorithms and hence quality links are bound to bring about the much-needed effect of search engine optimization. Google does not want spammy websites to rank, so they are very keen in ensuring that you put only quality links. In fact, Google as through its webmaster guidelines has commented that they will fully punish those who are found to be offering spammy links to a website.

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Monitoring Your Content

Monitoring content is of paramount importance. This is because you are able to know exactly what content that your consumers want. There are various software services on the web that will help bloggers know the keywords that people like your content. Through analyzing you are able to know the content that people love on your blog or your website. So you are able to capitalize on what more people love about your blog.

Monitoring successful blogger content is also very important. This is because you are able to break down their blogs and know the number of keywords that they have used. The best way to compare your blog to other is by using competitive audit. There are a variety of websites that will help you well in that, One good example of such a website is the similar From these sites, you should click your blog title on the search bar. At the edge, you are going to be in a position where you will see similar sites that write in the same niche.

Another website is the from this one you are able to know the behavior of your audience after reading your blog. From here you are able to know where else did people visit after reading your blog. Moreover, you are also able to know the places that they visited before coming to your site.

Now let us take two examples

Topic one; The best photographer traits.

Topic two; The best California photographer traits.

The topic two s bound to bring more traffic to your site. This is because it has a more personalized approach. It looks more detailed specific and natural.

Geo-optimizing your site is of paramount importance it will help bring specific traffic to your site. Google will direct the right traffic to you on your site. I am sure you do not want irrelevant traffic to come to your blog.

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Use of Infographics

You want your blog readers to understand your content and hence maintain a high turn over to your blog. Do you know that people remember more of what they saw that they read? Honestly, a text is boring to read and adding up the spice to your blog using infographics is going to do wonders for your blog.

Inforgraphics will make you rank especially when you are talking about complex topics. Infographics will help you break down the topics or split them into lesser formats. There is a variety of infographic software on the internet. Moreover, if you use platforms like WordPress there are sites like the canvas that is bound to enhance your template appearance to create a proper infographic. If you are scared of completely creating your new blog, you can use hubpages which have installed infographics templates.

Title Keyword and Meta Descriptions

The way you place your keyword determines your ranking. The most important of all is that you should use keywords that people generally type into their search engines. New bloggers make the mistake of writing headings that are bound not to be searched.

The meta descriptions should also be very enticing to read. Use of numbers attracts clicks on your heading

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Now let us take an example of title keywords.

How To Wash Your House.

7-ways to wash your house

Use of numbers is a good way to put your title meta descriptions.

The other very important thing is the use of adjectives on your title tags. adjectives include words like sweet favorable sparkling they make your title look more appealing on the search engine page and hence very attractive to click on.

The other thing that most of us should take consideration when writing your title tags is the year the blog post was published.

Google wants people to get the most recent information. When one puts the title heading the most recent year, in the end, They are bound to get clicked on and rise on the Google.

7-Ways To Wash Your House (2018)

Parenthesis also helps to rank your headings highly since they are really loved by search engines.
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