1. draco02

    Collecting leads with 120 instagram accounts with 20k-80k followers each

    I plan to monetize 120 instagram accounts with 20k-80k followers each, I ll make a website for every 5 accounts (any more and insta bans them) and make them opt-in on there through posting an advertissement of my product on all accounts in the stories "go to the website and opt-in to get acess...
  2. C

    Is There a Good Tool, Service or Plugin for Testing Opt-In Methods

    I am looking to split test different forms for email opt-ins. Is there a consensus on why type works the best or is there a tool, service or wordpress plugin I can use for this? I'm thinking of testing a top-bar, pop-in, slide-in and content blocking opt-in. Thanks for any direction on this, Cafro
  3. L

    Real Time Opt-In Leads (All Verticals)

    who has real time opt-in leads or can help out? Skyp- globalbusinessideas Also, i am looking for creative ways to produce leads from the internet. Let me know what works and what doesn't. I know sometimes people click on certain websites and their info gets registered and they become a...
  4. Z

    S Opt-in or D Opt-in... which one?

    Hello BHW... My question for those who work on e-mail marketing, what's the best solid method for the future if I want to rent my email list, I mean do they ask whether S or D? thank you for reading & God bless you all.
  5. A

    Best way to send email to non opt-in database

    I manage to have a databases with email addresses of leads in my niche, what is the best way to send email promoting my product? If I send it through my mail server I get blacklisted by spamhaus. Can't use aweber because this leads are not opt-in. What are the options availables?
  6. innovalist

    Stuck With Spoofed Email Sh*t

    A month back there was a posting here on BHW about a website which offers a free service of sending out emails with your ad attached. It looked like some sort of email opt-in service where members promote their own stuff to each other so it looked legit. So I went ahead to plonk in a test ad -...
  7. T

    Wordpress - Way to Give Free eBook for email widget?

    I'm kind of new at WP and blogging, and am asking if anyone knows an easy way to display and eBook and have someone give an email and go to another page to download a free book. I'm just getting started so don't have the money yet to get autoresponder like i've heard is the best. Any second...
  8. Ferraridriver

    CL Method - My twist

    Hi again, I'm back again with a new method i've used to bank in cash from CL. First of all i like to thank everybody who was positiv about my last facebook method, which got deleted. So as mentioned in the headline the method is already well known, but again here is how i did it. I had a...
  9. dudemike

    need help with landing page

    hi guys! the q is, is there a way that you can set up landing page that leads to two different affiliate site, and on that landing page you can add opt-in, and if you offer your free bonuses if they buy from your affiliate link.
  10. gonzomcribbinz

    Unused domains - make more $$$ than parking them.

    I've never made more than a few pennies a day at parking domains. Lots of people do, I'm sure but there's a whole methodology to it that I can't be bothered to learn. So this is what I do to make money from domains that I occasionally pick up that I haven't yet had time to develop: 1)...
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