Unused domains - make more $$$ than parking them.


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Sep 16, 2008
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I've never made more than a few pennies a day at parking domains. Lots of people do, I'm sure but there's a whole methodology to it that I can't be bothered to learn.

So this is what I do to make money from domains that I occasionally pick up that I haven't yet had time to develop:

1) Create a small squeeze page out of a quick WP install.

2) Some quick KW research should yield 3 to 4 keywords that you most want to target for the upcoming site.

3) Use those in the headers for your three or four paragraph squeeze page.

4) Use (or don't use) images relevant to the niche. Sometimes images help, sometimes they hurt. Just make sure it's really clean with no sidebars or other distractions.

5) Throw in a double-opt in.

6) Biggest Takeaway: Make the short content slightly ominous. I always try to make it seem like when the visitor gets there, they happened to stumble on something that they shouldn't have. Like they found some kind of back door or loophole.

7) Use Aweber (my favorite) to handle your list and autoresponder. Your confirmation page should confirm their double opt-in and then redirect them to a relevant offer or a "review page" of several offers. Since I use a pre-existing WP install for this method, I Use this plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/easyredirect/ I don't think it works with current WP installs, though. Google around, or make up a redirect yourself. There's plenty of info out there on how to do it.

8) Not only to you get the chance to get some cash from the affiliate offers, you get a targetted list to market to. You can set up autoresponder messages once every three days or so that shoot out PLR articles relevant to the topic and hit them with another offer every week or two weeks or so. When you finally get around to developing the site, you've already got a targetted audience that you can tell about it for traffic and - more interestingly - to poll to hear what they'd like on a site like that.

9) Do some basic SEO and linkbuilding whenever you have the spare time. Bookmark it, make a squidoo page or hub about it, submit a few articles, throw up a relevant slideshow vid or whatever. Doing this, some of my "sites" like this that I may never get around to developing net me a few hundred a month as well as dozens or more opt-ins a week. Even better, they rank higher in the SERPs than developed, established sites.


Your Domain: Dirty*Baby*Diapers.c0m (probably a real site, too lazy to check):)


  1. Dirty baby diapers
  2. dirty diapers
  3. how to change diapers
(no, I didn't research this. It's just an example)

Squeeze Page Content:

We're still unpacking Dirty*Baby*Diapers.c0m! Remember, this is an "invite-only" site so if you somehow stumbled across this page by accident, then please navigate away now. You can find other great stuff on dirty baby diapers here <-(link to "review" page with aff. links) if that's what you're looking for.

If you were invited, you need to enter your name and a valid email address that you check daily so you get the daily updates reserved for all invitees!

Important Note! Remeber to keep the release of Dirty*Baby*Diapers.c0m a secret! Dirty*Baby*Diapers.c0m is the world's first look inside the secret methods of expert diaper changers and the tactics they use to get cheap diapers up to 90% off retail price. The minute this information gets out to the masses, it won't be valuable anymore!

--> Name: <--
--> Email: <--

Dirty baby diapers are a mess!

[Short, kw-rich paragraph]

Dirty Diapers will Ruin Your Life!

[Short, kw-rich paragraph]

How to Change Diapers and Keep Your Hands Poo-Free!

[Short, kw-rich paragraph]


Link to a privacy policy and/or TOS that says you're collecting their info. Make it non-descript, but make sure that it's not invisible.

This isn't anything super-secret or earth-shattering, but it does work and I can almost guarantee that it's much, much better option for you on domains that you plan on developing one day (or even if you don't).

You get:

1) The chance to get some SE exposure and listing (possibly pretty good ranks)

2) A list to market to, to poll, and to announce the upcoming site to.

3) The chance to grab some quick cash from the offers.

Thanks man, seems like a way better way than parking a page and throwing ads on there.. Will give this a shot with an unused domain
Thanks man, seems like a way better way than parking a page and throwing ads on there.. Will give this a shot with an unused domain

Awesome. Come back and let everyone know how it goes. The best advice I can give is to be as creative as possible. People have seen the same old squeeze pages hundreds of times.

Give yours just a little bit of a spin and you'll watch your opt-in lists explode.

Give your review pages a little bit of personality and you'll find yourself with a very nice income just from the offers on your previously dormant domains after just a little while.

My favorite part about this method is that it takes less than half a day to set up right, and after that it's TRULY "hands off."
I love the idea of the 'slightly ominous' - the 'you shouldn't be here' approach. Very clever.
Ya this sounds great. I will bookmark this one to come back to.

I will try this too... I get awful returns on parked pages.

Hey, throw cbreceipt at the end of your URL too. That is how a lot of people find things they SHOULD have paid for. ;) Hey, every bit helps.
Figured I'd bump this old thread to report that just today I noticed a deposit from an affiliate company that I'd forgotten all about even signing up for. It was for $1,342.27. After some digging (because I had no idea where that revenue came from) it seems that one of my domains I had done this with was mentioned by some blogger in December, people opted into my list (that I'd also forgotten about) and were filling out a CPA offer that isn't even relevant to the niche.

Weird, but good news. An extra grand out of thin air is a nice way to start the week :)
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