1. JohnKowalski

    Boost Firefox, Skype, Chrome, Thunderbird in a Single Click!

    Hey, recently stumbled across this awesome software. Tested and it works. Boost Startup in up to 3 times! Speed-up browsing history Overall quicker operation Smaller profile size https://crystalidea.com/speedyfox
  2. P

    Best place to buy a virtual sim for new FB accounts verification? Getting disabled accounts a LOT.

    Any new facebook account I make is getting automatically "disabled" for "suspiscious activity". I then receive an email saying I need to provide a phone number to confirm that I'm real. My older facebook accounts have had half of them disabled upon trying to login, even accounts that are 8...
  3. E

    (Help Needed) TextNow Allow Microphone Issue

    I have allowed Textnow site to access microphone in chrome/firefox and also checked my Windows 10 setting to see that Microphone access is On, but still having this error: Please Help
  4. C

    Is Opera Browser Safe?

    hello everyone, Is Opera Browser Safe? or maybe opera developer can spy user INFO like password? they have free built in VPN, it safe to use opera VPN and checking your Gmail inbox While opera VPN is On? Specially Im asking about Bitcoin Exchange, Is it safe to save Exchange password on Opera...
  5. B

    Monetizing addons, extensions and other traffic sources

    Making money on extension is our core competence. And the trick here is not in just making money, but in maintaining the existing user base and customers' loyalty. Our partners earn $1+ on each 1k active users using only 1 monetization solution. PM me to find the details, if it sounds...
  6. dexterfly

    Surf anonymously for free

    After many days looking for an affordable proxy I found this amazing browser that allows me to surf anonymously for free. This software isn't too fast but it is free and perfect to test CPA offers. OperaTor - Opera + Tor = http://archetwist.com/opera/operator if you liked it I will...
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