Boost Firefox, Skype, Chrome, Thunderbird in a Single Click!

Awesome indeed.
Downloaded and already experiencing the positive effects.
THX op
This was awesome share bro. Hope, it is clean and does not pose any danger to the saved passwords
I wonder how this works
Does it support brave?
It seems like an automated defragger/compressor for databases of selected browsers mostly, so probably using any other general-use defragger yields in a similar result. If you ever defragmented a seriously fragmented HDD, you must have felt the speed increase. You can usually select a folder and defragment only that, instead of a whole drive.

Apparently it doesn't support Brave, but you can use any defragger to achieve the same. Locate the folder where Brave stores the databases and defragment it. Repeat the process from time to time, let's say weekly.

This tool can be useful for HDDs. Since SSDs don't need defragmentation, it shouldn't make too much of a difference there.
And the re is no version for linux. Such a shame. I thought that most of the serious apps are presented in three different versions for all of the operational systems which exist.
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