online payment gateway.

  1. P

    Hiring: specialist to connect a high risk project to online payment gateway

    Hello! I want to connect my website selling electronics to payment gateway. This should be an anti-abusive gateway with opportunity to withdrawal money to bank account in 1 to 2 business days after the payment is made online with credit card. (this should not be STRIPE or SQUARE). I have my own...
  2. K

    Merchant account for IPTV?

    Hello Money Makers, i always think about redirecting customers to pay ( on Aliexpress or Gumroad ) for IPTV subscriptions after I deliver the service. but the account is hard to find and Gumroad ask for Tax also thought about Fiverr but they have a fee of 20% which is too much do you guys...

    is paypal down?

    Hello all bhw memebers. i use paypal as a payment service but today my buyers qre are not able to pay. when they go on payment page it says 'sorry we couldn't process your request please try again later' . so my question is, is anyone else facing the same problem? please move my thread if it...
  4. P

    HELP. How can take out my affiliate money in Chaturbate

    Hello guys, I have made some decent money in chaturbate, but since i am not a US citizen nor reside in the US, i can only use Entropay, Neteller, unfortunately CB only offers payouts only to Epayments or Paxum, my question is can i transfer my money from those two to the 2 i mentioned earlier...
  5. frennyme

    legal way to online payments and be completely anonymous?

    hi there, do you know if there is a legal way to accept online payments and be completely anonymous?
  6. S

    I Want to Buy Europe, AUS, NZ, Verify Neteller Account

    I Want to Buy Europe, AUS, NZ, Verify Neteller Account, If anyone sale Neteller account, please contact with me, i need 2K Neteller account, i want New Old All Verify neteller account, My skype: josef.shakil572
  7. F

    Looking to buy (credit)cards or VCC or fb payments

    Looking to buy cards for fb ads payments approx 100 to 250$ per day sometimes 500$ so if anyone intrested pm me will be regular customer ;) Skype: facebookadspro
  8. H

    Need Stripe payment Solution

    who can help me about Stripe merchant account setup, i need it badly, knock me asap
  9. R

    Good alternatives to Stripe and PayPal

    I'm interested in setting up a gambling site, but I'd need an online payment gateway that allows gambling and accepts payments from people in the US/Europe. Any good suggestions? If anyone here has any experience with something similar, I'd appreciate the advice. Thanks in advance.
  10. M

    Need the perfect alternative to PayPal

    Okay so I need an alternative to PayPal which will let me receive payments without the customer needing an account, just their credit card. I know there are a few online payment companies out there so i'm looking for the one with the cheapest rates and one which provides me with some anonymity...
  11. J

    which merchant service is better and free to sign up like paypal

    I am using paypal but now I am launching an other website and don't want to refer my visitor to my main site cause other wise I have to make an other account of paypal to personalized check out. Please share you experience and guide me which merchant service I should go for by the way I am using...
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