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  1. Z

    Reach Firebase/Flutter and other low code Customers

    Hello everyone, First post here :) I am doing lead generation and online media marketing. My customer wants to focus on getting low code platform clients who want to leave the platform behind, eg too expensive, fed up with it or just has to scale its business. I was thinking PPC and auto...
  2. K

    Black Hat, White Hat - Any Hat

    The subject of this post is Facebook business managers - Strategy and tricks to implement an effective method to spend money on ads from scratch. A thread for us all to share helpful insight into what is working for you and I am here to answer any questions in regards to what I am doing...
  3. TheTwitterGuy

    Journey to YouTube MasterMind

    Hi everyone, after some time of online marketing abstinence I got the feeling that it is time to give online marketing another try. Thankfully, this time the project is not a one man job. During my master studies I met a like-minded guy who is working with me on the journey to make an impact...
  4. AGIT2020

    hey there

    Hello ina outta space My name is j4y and i want to introduce myself to the board, 30 years old - netguy / web designer / sales man and musician from germany, sorry 4 my bad english - peace to all nerds and all lovely people in here .... hope i don't get hacked here :D :D :D - bad blackhats ;)...
  5. Real Ranker

    Can TikTok be used as a Medium of Online Marketing? WDYGT?

    What Do You Guys Think about one of the most used Entertainment App TikTok? Can it be used for Online Marketing and for SEO?
  6. wize

    Money making - long term

    You have to take action everyday to bring you closer to your goal. 1: Find yourself a niche you are passionate about. 2: Get on a forum, join a FB group within that niche and build a good rep. 3: Help people out. Be genuine in your approach. If your passionate then that will shine through...

    Need suggestions with lead generation

    Hey Peeps of the great land of BHW. I have been trying various methods to generate sales for online pharmacy products. i tried bulk sms and cold calling but the results weren't upto the expectation. can you guys please show me the way what is the better way or tool to generate hot targeted leads.
  8. N

    Social media marketing techniques| SEO | Online marketing through facebook

    I used to do posting with the services provides to the customer in facebook for making it popular and also for business conversion and didn't find any result too. I used to get a few likes and no conversions. Therefore Please do give some suggestions about free social media promotion techniques...
  9. virasex

    Konichiwa minasang!

    I'm VERA here, prefered to be called VIRASEX from Japan. I just got into adult web marketing having swapped from product affiliate marketing. I will have a lot to learn in this new field of online marketing and I do have some experiences to share with us all. I'm happy to be here. Why don't we...
  10. A

    New here and hopefull to get the eyes opened

    Hi guys, im actually here cause Im interested in the world of online marketing. I know that some guys of you will laugh about this post but imagine back to the time you started. It doesnt matter what you do every start is heavy especially if you dont know what you are looking for...
  11. FormerBoxer

    What do you say to your haters?

    I been making a full-time income online for a while now supporting myself, wife, and kid. I love my family and friends but I notice their are a lot of haters that think what I'm doing is only temporary. Every time I go to a family party I always get when are you going back to work? I just don't...
  12. idobetter

    hello, I'm online marketer seeking for tool that get emails data from google search engine.

    hello, I'm searching for a tool that can get me emails from google search engine (targeted email that are searching similar to my products so i can make custom advertising campaign on Facebook and send email marketing. and i want seo services
  13. viralhaki

    Hello from the Netherlands

    Hi everyone, I'm a Dutch student Bachelor in Economics and I am interested in everything about online marketing. I already owned a viral video website (didn't worked out the way I wanted) and I build simple Wordpress based websites/webshops for customers. I also do simple logo and corporate...
  14. I

    gift card offers in cpa

    hello everyone, i wanted to ask: does gift card offers convert well? and i wanted to start my first facebook campaign, is there is any advice for ? thanks
  15. O

    To reach the unreachable

    The effect of online marketing in uplifting a business cannot be neglected; still there is always an audience that is not available on Facebook or Twitter. For the need to approach that percent of audience, offline marketing seems to be still effective and lively. Television, bill boards...
  16. R

    How To Increase Your Profits From Every Sale on Amazon

  17. D

    Online Marketing

    Hi , Need Online Traffic From United States And Canada . 60,000 to 90,000 Real Visitors On My Page Every Day in 6 Hours . Through = Bulk Email Marketing , PPC , Google , Bing , Social Networking , Black Hat Or the Best Possible Way You Know Kindly Send your Skype or PM me ASAP Who Are...
  18. danailo

    Website PRO Traffic Secrets - $97 for Free

    I wish you happy Christmas and Great New Year. My course - Website PRO Traffic Secrets - Not Just Google is available for free for a limited time.
  19. F

    Health care items,vitamins,teas,Spices and electrinc items, Ebay and Amazon Sellers Wanted

    Hello, i m supplier for Health care items,vitamins,omeprazole 20 mg , teas,cinnamon,spices and mobile phone parts for eBay and amazon sellers (wholesales are accepted) all are genuine products return are accepted all are genuine products and no fake items + worldwide shipping is free with...
  20. E

    Leads i want to buy

    Hi, Where can i buy Cheap and fresh leads? Thanks