online banking

  1. C

    Online Banking for Non US residents

    Hey Guys .for those who have their business registered in the US, Can you recommend me an online banking you use for accepting your payments. I already have my E-Commerce business registered in Delaware and just needs to get an online banking. PS, i can't use Stripe Atlas Any help is high...
  2. Stifl

    Best credit cards for EU citizens?

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if there are any credit cards you would recommend in the EU. Even if yours is country specific, go ahead and share your thoughts and critics! I'm currently looking at (but not using) N26. It seems to be quite popular and really innovative with e-banking and more...
  3. R1ckS4nch3z

    Revolut gives free debit card via invitation link

    If you don't know what Revolut is; it's an online banking where you can open a local UK bank account and get paid. PS. If I can find 5 people to sign up and top up at least 10 bucks they will update my subscription for 1 year for free. So if any of you is located in EU and wants to open an...
  4. I

    Leupay shutdown my account

    Hello everyone, in recent years, E-Money institutions have been transitioning to EU only userbase, my last resort was leupay, but they just terminated my account for the same reason and sent me an email today, Why are these services shutting down their services to the rest of the world like...
  5. jiayu2301

    Banking Solution Advice needed, how to receive EUR, USD and GBP affiliate commissions payments

    I run a UK business and work with various intl. affiliate networks and direct advertisers who wire affiliate commission in different currencies. I require a trusted and reliable banking solution which provides a multi currency account. Transfers within those sub-accounts/wallets shall ideally be...
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