noob help

  1. Slangur

    What Is The Most Important Thing That You Learned In/ About SEO?

    I am just wondering, for those of you who have been doing this for a while, and know your stuff. What is the most valuable thing, or maybe 3 most valuable things that you have learned? Whether it is a tool to use, a certain strategy, something, anything really. I am just curious is all.... What...
  2. cubitly

    What is your opinion on AMP?

    Guys mostly I have mobile traffic should I use AMP? Will amp remove my backlink juice?
  3. developer1989

    How this website( surviving even after YMYL update? Need advice from US members?

    I'm really sorry for my noob question. Please don't scold me. Recently i'm planning to build health related website (similar to addictionhelp) But today i came to know that after august 2018 YMYL update, most of the health related websites are effected. As per my knowledge and understanding...
  4. U

    what proxy for accs?

    sup need a little help with some gmail pva with cookies accs. 1. can i use hostwinds basic and create my own proxy for this or is a residential proxy a must? 2. are Disable Webrtc and Random User Agent enough/needed for a successful login? 2a. does the host os matter and is a vm needed?
  5. Blaise1997

    How to learn SEO from scratch

    Hello SEO legends, I have been trying to learn about SEO, the more I try the more I am getting confused, and I believe this is the case with most newbies. What could be a good strategy to learn SEO right from the basics? IK there are 100s of valuable threads here teaching SEO. BUT How...
  6. IsseiBelial

    Hiding in Plain Site

    Yes, the pun was on purpose. So well, I am Issei. Well now I am. Long story short, I kinda just disappeared. I like everyone in the beginning were seen as innovators, taking a huge risk, After making some speeches, getting robbed a lot, getting featured in some documentaries. I realized screw...
  7. UuuU1245

    [NEED] Instagram Bot for my journey.

    So first of all thanks to BHWs ,I finally decided to start with an instagram Method. but since Instagress and massplanner are gone, Im stuck at 477 followers and 1647 following So please guys if you know any free bot I can use let me know It has to be free I dont have any money to invest...
  8. Danny Crypto

    Confused with affiliate marketing and website and linking strategies.

    Hey BHW Members, I knew somethings but I need guidance for it so that's why thought to post over here because this is the only forum I noticed where people help with the core. My question is like :- - I have a JVZoo account and Clickbank account - I also have YouTube account with 1000 Subs...
  9. SuperDaveOutlaw

    Help with mystery external link off my website

    Hello BHW, Not sure where to actually post this but here is my issue... While running my site through various SEO checkers, I found an external link to a questionable site. I am currently, hand-picking my way through various files on my server looking to remove this link. Is there a...
  10. Oussama bincor

    What is first? learning or start ONLINE BUSINESS

    I'm puzzled where to start my online business I do not know anything about this area I do not know about how and how to profit from the internet I have no idea about what (marketing , Seo, Affilate,traffic,freelance,domaine,blogs......)means !!! I want to build a successful business empire This...
  11. Churchill Snip

    Traffic gen challenge - Churchill's journey to 1000 unique daily visitors

    Hello Blackhatters, This here marks my journey to 1000 daily visitors. So far, I don't have a concrete plan in terms of what I will do with the traffic once I get them to my site, though I am clear in one thing - I will figure out how to get 1000 daily visitors to my site. At the moment I am...
  12. E

    Message to all noobs who are trying to use Traffic Exchange Websites to earn money, DON'T!

    Don't bother using traffic exchange websites like HitLeap to earn money you'll only make a couple of dollars every 24 hours, it’s pathetic and that’s if you don’t get banned from adfocus or shortest or whatever URL shortener you use (wasted $8 for a premium membership on HitLeap as well lol)...
  13. dslash

    Senuke TNG, need advice users software.

    Hello guys. ) Long been eyeing the program Senuke TNG, but did not dare to buy due to high cost. I wanted to ask, does it work in the current Google situation? It is designed for Black Hat or White hat Seo? I'm going to get the white label. And I would first start to unleash the website white...
  14. mdjaforullah

    what is best paid Dating traffic Now?

    Ya my question is present now what is the best Paid Dating traffic method??I have a domain/hosting and also a landing page for dating cpa marketing..I want to promote cpa dating offer with paid traffic(My budget is 100$)..But I am confused that which is best paid method now for promoting dating...
  15. M

    I need to learn

    Hi All, I'm an independent IT service tech, and audio visual engineer. These are good paying gigs, and my wife makes decent money too. The difficulty is that I still see us getting poorer, as the cost of living (especially in NY) is skyrocketing. We're also upside down in our mortgage to the...
  16. Blackbrick

    Total noob

    hello u guys, im a new and hoping to improof loyal BHW'r. i have been looking around for a real good forum and everywere i drop they say this the best, if ur a starter or an expert and i am a total noob in internet-marketing. i had a quick course in how to setup a WP-site. so hopefully i can...
  17. M

    As newbie wanting to make money...

    Hello, So I've been trying to earn money online since september, but alas no money in my pocket since then. So after doing outsourcing on fiverr and trying different things, I'm driven into a corner now. Right now I'm still studying my course in a school for adults. (where you can get a high...
  18. l0tterylisa

    First time with amazon, help?

    Hey guys, so basically i just bought a dope domain (literally) and what i'm gonna do is sell pot merch, amazon being my affiliate . could anyone give me a few tips on how i should go about scaling this up? I'm gonna set up all social media, make a killer responsive website, go on fiverr get a...
  19. K

    I'm New To BHW. ISO ppc/Youtube teacher.

    I'm young and in search of someone willing to train me in the ways of making money online. I have seen how horrible the economy is watching my parents struggle. I'm some what familiar with monetary gains through youtube and ppc, but could use guidance. I have a friend who does well at ad-sense...
  20. P

    Noob Question: Help with Traffic to my Blog

    Sup everyone. Long-time lurker, first time actually trying anything out. I started a blog about a month ago and I'm looking into making good, genuine content along with well, making some money on the side. I've added a few articles, I don't really have a specific niche. I'll be working with a...
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