What is first? learning or start ONLINE BUSINESS

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Oussama bincor, Mar 27, 2017.

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    I'm puzzled where to start my online business
    I do not know anything about this area I do not know about how and how to profit from the internet
    I have no idea about what (marketing , Seo, Affilate,traffic,freelance,domaine,blogs......)means !!!
    I want to build a successful business empire This is my goal, I do not want to earn money to buy a beautiful car or to be impressed..
    I'm not one of those people who are looking at stupid blogs about the ways to profit and the fundamentals of working online
    I would like to be like the godfather. I would love to have a life like a succefull businessman but the difference is that my kingdom is modern and the new one is the Internet!
    I'm very serious about this. I'm not one of those stupid people who think that profit from the Internet is easy and waste their time looking for ways to profit.In the blogs and stupid articles that are useless and the purpose is to exploit no more
    I'm thinking of big projects, I'm thinking about building a kingdom, but I do not know where to start this kingdom
    I am now learning Html programming a month ago, and Photoshop design as I am very interested in this field and after 4 years I will be a professional hacker
    In fact I know clearly what I want to be and I have goals
    Do not misunderstand me I'm not looking for a magic recipe or a complete way to give it to me on a silver platter
    I want someone who guides me (cause i'm noob) honestly what I should do first
    Do I learn first, or started working first?
    Is watching a movie about business people really make me a businessman?
    I am very excited, I have thought about this subject several months before I have the abilities, ideas and qualifications, in fact I was born to do this (I know myself well)
    I am ready to work hard, Actually i love hardwork, I will be patient and disciplined for many years and ready to sacrifice all my time and effort to achieve my dream which is the establishment of the Kingdom
    I'm not one of those people who easily surrenders ;) I'm not one of those people who talk and do not what they had talking about
    The only two bases I know are
    First you need money to start making money and this is my problem Currently I can not for family and other circumstances get a permanent source of money to finance my work in the Internet
    The second does not believe anyone, so as not to be deceived and monument
    I need guidance only for the beginning, cause I do not know where and when start establish my online kingdom :( :(
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    You are currently a zero, start learning first by reading everything there is to read on this forum.
    Get a normal job and when you have a well thought out plan and stop thinking that watching a movie makes you a businessman you can start something.
    Don't expect anyone here to guide you without you learning the basics first.
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    I hope you have some start up cash, because you are gonna fail.
    This may sound depressing and demotivating but nobody here succeeded without failing first.
    Having said that, i would first venture into the Making Money section and start reading, every Sticky thread, because, they all contain valuable information.
    Your first task would be, absorb as much information as possible.
    Then start head to the journey section, and start reading, there many people just like yourself who just start up in the industry of IM, some leave valuable information for newcomers just like yourself. If you can spot them, absorb those information too.
    Your next task would be, put it to test, you said yourself
    Then start testing, honestly nobody here is going to tell you how shit works, nobody going spoonfed you
    But, we will share ideas to a very fine line, and may tell you what are stupid and what not to do.

    IM is like playing the waiting game in the Jurassic period, where it's survival of the fittest.
    IM will grow daily and evolve, if you fail to adopt you are better off looking someplace else.
    It's not just google, every platform grows as time passes.
    Look at facebook compared to 5 years ago. Before twitter & Instagram was a thing, back when it was just ebay & amazon, no shopify and the list goes on.
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    You should do both.

    I started SEO in 2009. I duplicate a friend ecommerce and learned how to rank it in the same time. 6 months later it was 1st on his main kw.
    So the best for me would be to read and test at the same time.
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