1. Norman_drey

    Nickname suggestions

    I'm moving to a new state, I don't like telling people my actual name because people seams to abuse and make mockery of it. I need a nice nickname Example: @RoiBox :)
  2. Sxycrzyc00L

    Hello "Blat" world!!

    That's right, I just combined the word black and hat to coin the new nickname "blat". Make sure I get credit if it takes off!! No, I'm jk. ..Just a newbie here trying to see what this is all about.
  3. S

    Do you use your nickname for everything, or you have multiple nicknames?

    Hello, I have a weird question here today : do you use your nickname for everything on the internet? for example : your main mail address is something the same as your nickname like Abc123. Now, do you use this main email just for stuff like paypal, facebook, a few personal forums etc or for...
  4. bushinonasake

    What does your Nick/User Name mean?

    What's the story behind your user name? Does it mean anything or did you get it from a random text generator? LOL. :) Mine means "tenderness of a warrior". I'm into a lot of samurai stuff, specially Rorouni Kenshin or Samurai X as he is known in the west. I actually have it tattooed on my...
  5. F

    Someone using my nickname in Clickbank to create hoplinks...

    Someone is creating hoplinks using my nickname in clickbank. In my account analytics In the past few days they have sent on average 100 hops a day to one particular vendor, but no sales. I want to know why! Is it just a honest mistake that they used the wrong nickname or is something else...
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