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  1. O

    Need Quality Backlinks from News sites in UK

    Hi, We are a company that provides services in the field of health. We want to buy do-follow articles from the most popular and authoritative good news sites in the UK. The content to be published will be prepared by us. Waiting for your help and offers. Best Regards.
  2. C

    [WTB] Press Release for Crypto/Financial niche

    Client of mine needs to promo an up coming launch, wants to link his clients to all the PR sites, so anyone with 100s of bs DA sites do not waste my time live:.cid.b8d2a042dabc0e5c
  3. R

    I need to publish an Article in 24 hours

    I have a Political article I want to publish in a News Website (if it's Israeli News Website better). I'm in a hurry I need it in 24 hours or less if you can do it message me please
  4. rankerguru

    How to receive backlinks from news websites?

    How can I receive backlinks from news websites?
  5. Xaliu

    [GIVEAWAY] Guess Posts on my news site

    I'm want to give free guest posts on my news site. DA: 20+ News Catagories: Politics Entertainment Technology Business Celebrities General news. Content must be original and copyscape passed. 800 words minimum and images are required in your post, you can add 1 backlink in the post. PM me...
  6. C

    Tech dimension

    Hey, thanks for prioritizing reading this post over your afternoon work and Thanks for the COLOSSAL, motivational post and also for including me along with some insanely great people and your website is Amazing
  7. predator1988@

    Politics news help!

    Hi all I am planning to start a blog about politics. Can someone give me some instructions how to work with this niche. I have experience in health niche but not in news so I need some advises. Thanks in advance
  8. A

    Looking for an Article on Forbes,Thenextweb or any reliable e-news

    Hi , I am looking for someone who can publish an article at Forbes: Featured would be good but mentioned works too. If someone can make a good price (awesome discount ) I'm highly interested!! /Thanks
  9. B

    [Q] How to find/know/search news channels website comment section without visting the site?

    Hi BHW I posting my question on this section, about site comment section google search. If i have posted in wrong section plz forward it to right section. Once again, i am sorry if i have posted in wrong section. Ok here is my question How do i know if any news website has enabled his comment...
  10. T

    Looking for news articles of notable interest for Blue Badge Verification

    Hi there, I have a decent sized audience on Instagram (125,000+) and a few news pieces on me already, but I'm looking for someone who can help me get up to 10 additional news articles about me/my photos and work on notable news sites that also show up on Google news when you search for me as per...
  11. ATuringtest

    News & press release articles - how to show them on site

    I'm on the mailing list for some of the manufactures that I sell products of. Whats the best way to use a press or product release on you site without getting spanked by google for plagiarism ? Do you just do a normal reword ?
  12. S

    Need Press on the web for IG Verification

    I need someone who can give me a good press presence online. The articles should rank on google and need to be good content. Am looking to get an Instagram Account verified and need press for this. If someone here can offer verification services on Instagram without this (there are a few...
  13. S

    TOP RATED Newspapers for paid articles WANTED!

    We are looking for great Newspapers like: or any other big news platform which is in the finance or crypto...
  14. ContentWriter

    5 Things to Check When Hiring Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency News Writers

    Recently, I've noticed an increase in HAF posts looking for cryptocurrency writers (SEO articles, rewrites, or news articles). Sometimes, BHW members are having a hard time deciding who they should hire. So I've decided to write a "neutral and informative post" that can help you filter your list...
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