new website

  1. deitershopru

    Recommendations for promoting a new website

    Hello. I have created a website I publish a lot of articles on it using artificial intelligence. Can you tell me how you can attract traffic? Maybe someone will have comments on the CEO? I plan to do a lot of articles and connect google adsense
  2. A

    Starting my first website

    Hello, BHW community! I hope you guys are all fine! i want to start my first website I have learned enough about how to make a WordPress website ( themes, plugins, writing articles, etc.), and i know that this could be just the 10% important thing in a website. I want to learn more about SEO and...
  3. iNano22

    I need a payment gateway for betting website without much verifications.

    I need a payment gateway for a betting website i am creating for a client without much verifications requiered. I have tried some like primepayments but the website category was rejected. I can't use stripe or others like this because i don't have bussines documentation for the verifications...
  4. S

    Help me to download database of a stock website

    Can anyone help me to download complete database of a PNG website, I am going to start a website and i need data of PNG images. I can give you 10% of total earning from my website for lifetime, My website is almost ready.
  5. mainceaft

    My new website is in page 16 in long tail KWs is that good sign

    Hi all, I created this site about less than a month, it's in competitive niche (like everyone write about it), I didn't have much article in it yet, and I was trying to focus on long tail KW's 10 ago I start building link for it couple from social media (mostly no_follow), + I bought link from...
  6. GainTheImpossible

    Ok so my website just got approved by Adsense, want to JV to increase traffic and income? We share 50/50!

    Well, you may be wondering, "Ok, so what am I supposed to do?" The website is one month old(1 and a half at best) almost all the traffic comes from US/UK/DE(Tier 1) Already ranks for 35 keywords(100+ organic traffic). The pic shows 50, but it's yet to be updated. THE WEBSITE HAS POTENTIAL...
  7. MrDenz

    What is the maximum posts per day we should go with fresh new domain? [Not News]

    I guess the title says it all... New fresh domain, I got ready to publish articles, what is the max I should go? I would like to hear your opinion on this also? Have your site ever got penalized for "posting too much" and what was the number of posts? Niche examples: Cars, Games, Health...
  8. ChristineAshe

    Expired Domain or Not - Help!

    So, I'm torn between using an expired domain for a new idea I have, or use a fresh one. I have a domain which belongs in a similar niche market. So far so good but the problem is most competitors in the niche use partial domain names with the keyword obviously in (so,if the niche is matresses...
  9. benj_pirate

    Find me a +3 years +30 DA Crypto domain (clean)

    Hello all, If someone here is experienced in finding good aged domain, let me know... I looked around online on: tbsolutions, expireddomains, flippa etc etc but didn't find anything good for the price. I would like to spend about 3000$ and start with a good domain that already has a good...
  10. developer1989

    US Members: Please Review my Medical niche website and Advise

    Dear US Members, Recently i build website on USA medical/health niche and I'm bit doubtful on releasing website ( i thought i missed something) I kept so much time on building the website. That's the reason i'm looking for suggestions/help from US members. I can't share my website publicly...
  11. Solitarius

    Need Seo Strategy for brand new website

    Hello everybody, I have a brand new website and I would like some advice to build a Seo strategy as I am not a Seo pro. Can anyone let me know how should I start? My site is an IPTV service site. There is not much content in it and I still have not done any keyword research. I have seen many...
  12. vedeus

    How to build links to new Website

    How would you approach linkbuilding for the brand new website? For example.. 1 month no links, 2 month relevant blog comments and social shares.. Something that is safe for new website and that will help me to build authority niche Website. Will appreciate any advice
  13. Cheated

    New website

    Hello BHW members, I'm looking for some advice. I own a GPT (Get-Paid-To) website, basically where users doing surveys, etc.. and get rewards such as PayPal money, gift cards, cryptocurrencies. I need some advice on how we could get more users, our design is decent and we have many rewards to...
  14. SmittySahn75

    My Journey With a Brand New Website

    Hello all, I purchased a brand new website back in July of 2018. I just haven't had time to do much with it until now. Here is proof of virtually no traffic since then. I installed WordPress on the site back in July or Aug of 2018 and just let it sit as is with all defaults. I finally...
  15. Mane.D

    Google Search Console add webiste

    When to add my website to google search console? what to consider before adding? The web site is new about 1 month old about 13 articles 300/500/700/1000/1000+ words. How to continue growing the site but using SEO what to do first on what to focus, what are the steps?

    My Seo and ideas for new websites, your the content writer to finish.

    Hi, I love doing the SEO and coming up with the ideas for new websites, but I hate writing the content for them. I'm looking for a couple of content writers/partners for new websites. My background, I am a software engineer by trade and love doing SEO. I started SEO 3 years ago to sell my own...
  17. Shropdog

    Starting all over again after adding a new domain to the subdomain site

    Hi all, I have got a site built on a free website builder and so it has a free sud domain address. I have got a new domain i am going to attach and am wondering if I will have to start link building for this domain all over again. Luckily it's not too far into the link building...
  18. Ankith K Shetty

    I need a website, but no money :/ for ambitious SEO project. Need Advice from SEO gurus!

    Hi I am planning to start a website for which I am planning to get most of the website from SEO. I totally depend on SEO. For this I want to start my website in tools like blogger, wix or anything like that which is totally free of cost. I am not in a position to invest on a paid website(I mean...
  19. J

    New Website

    I am launching a new website in the education industry. Basically, i am looking at linking students with scholars who will help them do their assignments. I am new and would love to know ways i can drive traffic to my website both paid and free.. blackhat and whitehat techniques are welcome too
  20. Bruno731

    Ask Index Bing for new website

    I want to ask about Bing Index. How can I make my new website indexed quickly by Bing? Because I submit on Bing Webmaster it can't and maybe there are other ways besides submitting on Bing Webmaster? Thanks.
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