new to bhw

  1. I

    hi im new

    hi im new guy...:)
  2. C

    Peace to all! Newbie here

    I’m new and eager to learn from my experience here most importantly from the experts and experienced inhabitants of Black Hat World! Got a very positive feeling that I’m gonna find all the answers I was looking for... Wishing all the newbies luck!
  3. MikeAllison

    Kind of an asshole when it comes to grammar...

    ...and readability, but aren't we better off for it? I gladly take constructive criticism on my writing because it sucks to have material and work product looking like fake news. Hello everyone. Thanks for having me. Not sure what I have to offer, but I want to learn. Let me know if I've missed...
  4. jonny5

    Jonny5 is still alive....My Intro

    Hello black hatters, and white hatters alike. i love this text box by the way. So with out telling you to much info. i Started a Youtube acct and tried to be like the big boys. i was soon squashed and banned. Decided to get up and dust myself off and try again, try again, so not long after that...
  5. Hozzie4Cash

    New to BHW....

    Hey Guys, I'm definitely a Newbie and would love to learn more. I like to say, "A Wise Man Learns From His Own Mistakes. A Wiser Man Learns From Someone Else's Mistakes." Although I will certainly make my share of mistakes, I am open to suggestions so as to reduce the amount of lumps from...
  6. L

    How Do We Kick Start Content Writing Services In BHW?

    Hi, we are a group of 4 enthusiastic content writers who can deliver good quality content which is SEO optimised. We can write as per requirements on any content like SEO Blog posts, Product Description, Product Reviews, Press Release etc. We are open to general topics and we have a spread of...
  7. L

    New to BHW - Hey everyone!

    Hey BHW! After weeks of reading countless threads about IM Journeys and other ways to create multiple residual income streams, I've been inspired to do 2 things: a) To officially become a BHW member. b) To start a few of my very own IM Journeys. Woo-Hoo!! :clap2: Over the years, I have tried...
  8. F

    Brand New To BHW - Any suggestions????

    Hey Everyone, Looking for suggestions on how to take full advantage of this forum. Things I should be checking our. Things to stay away from. Looking to connect with other IM's to learn and share.
  9. G

    Hello BHW members!

    Hey, I am GeneralWoof. I registered while ago on BHW, with hope to learn something about PPD. But it turned out PPD isn't really for me. So now I am trying to grow facebook page with 50000 real and active fans + plus monetizing that traffic. If you have any advice, PM me I would be grateful. :)
  10. S

    I am from India

    :) I have seen BHW forums many times in search results and learned some interesting things for FREE !! :cool: Now I am doing Freelancing also, hence I decided to join as an member to improve my knowledge and skills and to clear some of my doubts in SEO.
  11. R

    Hey Everyone!

    Hey Everyone! My name is Ross, I'm pretty young and enthusiastic about SEO. I've been looking around this forum, and others for a good while now and I have a good sense of what is going on here. I've seen most of the methods on here require a good bit of investment because I'm young I...
  12. charlie3

    New to BHW

    Hey I've been surfing BHW for a couple weeks now learning all new tips and tricks to the trade and so far I LOVE the site. I'm learning so much and I'm hoping to implement many small programs to earn a daily income. Thanks so much for all your help and hopefully I can eventually pay all you back...
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