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Jul 9, 2017
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Hello black hatters, and white hatters alike. i love this text box by the way. So with out telling you to much info. i Started a Youtube acct and tried to be like the big boys. i was soon squashed and banned. Decided to get up and dust myself off and try again, try again, so not long after that i got banned again. this time i was pissed i was mad sad really going tru it. I renounced youtube google adsense you should have been around it was crazy. Then came dailymotion and that went no where fast. o yea backtracking a lil i was so pissed because in 3 weeks i got my estimated revenue to be around 400 a month when i was flagged. and banned the second time. After about 2 weeks of torture(living with out google) i logged on an old laptop that i had and have not used in awhile and boom i had a old google acct that was already set up and monitized with youtube. So im back on it all over again i started on the 29th of june 2017 i would love to keep this communty updated but im kinda bad at updating but ill do my best. My estimated rev is at $3-$4 bucks a month, right now its the 8th of july. getting paid online sounds easy but its taxing on your mind and body its not as easy as it seems i hope i get there one day tho. by the way i have been comming to this site for a long time, years, got a lot of great insight from you guys so im glad i joined happy to be a member of this site i dont usually do forums.
Welcome. Just remember to tell Google:


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