1. Scoops TV

    Hello world

    Hi, I'm a small Youtuber and I run a dedicated grassroots web3 marketing team . I have one main dev team that I work for and freelance with others from time to time . I'm here to network and collaborate, share ideas.
  2. Lord Stroganov

    Hello BHW, my journey here begins!

    Hello everyone! I'm a business owner involved in sales and international exports, as well as online adult content management(I have much to learn). I am thrilled and excited to contribute, learn, network and connect with the BHW community and members! I do not fear any business and I am willing...
  3. C

    I change everything but again Instagram knows it's me !!!!

    Hi guys, I change my device, my public dynamic IP address, account, username, password, email, browser, app, cookies and everything and again Instagram knows it's me, and my question was do you know that can IG spot public dynamic IPs are coming from the same person or they know me another way...
  4. noellarkin

    Advice Needed For LAN Setup

    I've recently scaled up my local VPS setup, from 8 to 16 machines, running windows, primarily for botting operations. Right now they're all connected via WLAN, but I'm considering switching them all over (in addition to my primarily work computer) to a wired ethernet LAN, because 1) I feel that...
  5. MuchPersistent

    Where do you meet other successful people?

    Hello, I’m a stranger on the internet and I did online retail business since 2007. Long story short, I worked extremely hard all these years and I made it. The thing that they don’t tell you about making it, is that a lot of people including your friends and relatives might not be happy for...
  6. Mayocheesecake

    [FREE] Cisco Courses and Certifications

    Cisco is the gold standard in networking. If you're interested in network engineering, cloud, OPSEC, Ethical Hacking, etc - you will find this very useful! Here is the list of free courses: Introduction to Cybersecurity Introduction to Internet of Things Entrepreneur Programming Essentials in...
  7. Machiavellian Laws

    Pressure creates diamonds, fire refines gold. Good day.

    Today seemed to be the perfect day to finally and officially become a part of this legendary community. I won't pretend - I've seen and heard a lot about this place. My goals are very simple yet very influential; becoming a bit better version of myself each time I open and browse through here...
  8. M

    New player! What's up hustlers?

    Hey, how are you doing? I'm 23, from Portugal and i'm just starting my online money making journey. I fell in love with making money online after discovering the hypebeast clothing and shoes resell market in 2018. I started buying things i liked and selling them used for the same price i bought...
  9. A

    Value of using multiple social media platforms

    I am the social media person for an amateur sporting organisation. It is voluntary work and quite a time consuming doing a good job with (1) Facebook to get it right and I also duplicate some of these posts in my club notes section of a (2) local newspaper and we also have an extensive (3)...
  10. DigitalFreaky

    Big News - Google rolls out virtual visiting card in India

    Google has rolled out a new Search feature in India that enables entrepreneurs, freelancers, influencers, or anyone who wants to be discovered online create a virtual visiting card. If you search for a famous people on Google Search, you find knowledge panels that organize information about...
  11. vigyavan

    Hi, I just joined this Great Platform

    Hello Everyone, Hope all of you are doing great in your respective fields, I am vigyavan and I just joined here, looking forward to hear from experienced people, how do you spend your time here and what are the benefits you get by using this platform... Best Regards, vigyavan
  12. J


    I have a friend who 2 years ago started a dropshipping company. To market his wireless earbuds he would set up paid advertising on other Instagram pages. He began working with easy to access meme pages of 1M and under. Before the first year was up he was messaging over 50 people daily...
  13. NoPulpPlz

    Long time lurker first time poster

    Hi there everyone. I mostly write copy for my own websites. But I think I do a lot more, wearing 10 hats like most of you. What do I want to accomplish by joining BHW? Network really, maybe a JV who knows. When I'm not writing copy I'm dealing with clients' online presence. and also posting...
  14. zeroblackhat

    [Hot Topic] Need Best Strategy to Grow Instagram Followers

    Hey, guys, I hope everyone is in Good Health. I'm new to Instagram - Lately, I came to know that we can make money with Instagram. I have started a New Instagram Page in a really competitive niche. Currently, I'm having only 12 Followers on that page but I know that if it grows then there is a...
  15. W

    query NNTP strings

    Hi, I have a log from a newsgroup NNTP header from a newsgroup message containing 3 string/numbers which I would like to further investigate Xref: 24hoursupport.helpdesk:77925 Injection-Info:logging-data="74569" AND Message-ID: [email protected] is there a...
  16. Jacob Billett

    Hey! Good Morning BHW!

    My name is Jacob Billett (pretty sure my profile can tell you that) and I am the CEO of Billett Enterprises. I have spent the majority of my professional life building businesses both in the government and private sector, and now about a month ago, I decided to step out of pseudo names and the...
  17. M

    How does google mail verification work?

    Hi, i would like know how does the google phone verification works. I have tried to change many time the ip address, i have changed my mac address too, i have used several vpn but nothing. How does the google verification works, Are they able to blacklist the ASN number? Are they able to black...
  18. mzonas

    TES 2019

    Networking (or netwerkin') is important for bizniz. Me, @Heiko and Heiko's bro at TES 2019 opening party ,,,, Let's do bitches tomorrow bros!
  19. slickbrick

    [Business Owners] Turn Small Talk Into BIG DEALS! (best book ever)

    I just read the best book ever on networking with the objective of turning conversations into business opportunities and felt like I should share the title. It's called "Turn Small Talk Into Big deals" - Don Gabor. If you want to turn a networking event into big money, just pick this book and...
  20. Frenzied

    Configure IPv6 Proxies On VPS

    I've made a Debian Jessie VPS on Scaleway, and now need someone who can help me configure as many IPv6 proxies on it for social media use. Thanks! :)
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