1. Toz

    Do Domain Registrars do This?

    So I had two open windows on a particular registrar, as I was waiting for 2 domains to become available. The moment it happened, the registrar, who is a big name in the industry, took forever to refresh the screen, and then it timed out and went to this bullshit: Of course, both...
  2. MrDenz

    Namecheap Summer Sale - up to 84% off! Sale ends August 2 at 11:59 PM ET

    EDIT: Links might look weird as I just copy/pasted from Gmail. Enjoy! Direct Link: Scorching deals 84% off Domains New registrations Shop Domains 62% off Shared...
  3. UnusualSubstance

    What's your experience with Namecheap hosting?

    Hey there was thinking about using namecheaps hosting for a new site. Obviously, once it gets a decent amount of traffic I'll be moving to better providers. What's your experience been with NC hosting?
  4. MrT131

    How to make shure I don’t lose visitors because my website is to slow?

    Hey BHW, I own a quiz site atm and today I’ve got 1,5K visitors and it’s only 3pm here in Germany. That’s why I’ve got curious if I’m not losing visitors because my website is to slow or the server can’t handle my instant traffic. I should also mention that I’m only getting social traffic...
  5. whois1games

    Alidropship hosting to Namecheap hosting

    One of my clients wants to transfer his hosting from alidropship hosting to NameCheap stellar hosting. Is it good enough then the former one? Suggestion Please
  6. ATuringtest

    Namecheap Premium DNS is it worth it - if your hosting on your own servers ?

    Is this a scam or will it really help with load speeds and security if I have the domain Name registered at Name Cheap but I have my website hosted on DO ? Or is there an alternative ?
  7. Intexam

    Namecheap vs. IONOS?

    My SiteGround hosting expired and I don't want renew their costly service. Saw two good BlackFriday offers from Namecheap and IONOS. On paper both look fantastic. So here I'm asking you if anyone have experience with either of services and which one would you recommend. My requirements are for...
  8. developer1989

    Need Namecheap Domain & Hosting Renewal Coupon

    Hello All, I need to renew my domain and hosting plans by 28-Nov-2020. Are there any coupons available. Please PM or Post here Thankyou
  9. X

    Investments Domain

    hello i have 500-1k dollar i want to investments in this domain i'm looking for a journey and advice from people who work in this niche i already have a bit of knowledge i want to start with a simple domain, not the 2-4 keyword
  10. Amar neche

    My woocommerce website start slowing down when i reach 1.5 Daily

    Hello as mentioned in title i run a woocomerce website , when i reached 1.5K daily visits i noticed on google analytics that the average load time is taking about 20 sec theoraticaly on gtmetrix it takes 3 sec. what do you suggest ? know that i'm on the stellar plus plan of namecheap that...
  11. xlighter

    [Coupon Giveaway] 20% OFF domains, hosting, ssl, email at Namecheap.

    Coupon with 20% OFF domains, hosting, ssl, email at Namecheap for free. COUPONFCNC This is the best time to purchase domains and hosting since Namecheap is already discounted with 45% for first users who buy hosting. You can buy Stellar Plus hosting cheaply for first year users at 23$:D...
  12. Nw_Work

    Withdrawing funds from Namecheap affiliate program W9 needed?

    So it seems I am required to fill either a W9, W8-BEN-E or W8-BEN tax form. I am unsure on which to fill and if there is a way to skip this since I dont have a TIN nor an employee identification number as seen on the W9. Any advice on how to proceed appreciated. Best Regards, NW
  13. UnusualSubstance

    Best domain registrar? Looking to diversify

    Hello there folks I currently have all my domains with namecheap but I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket so I'm looking to diversify. I've heard that NameSilo is a good registrar as well I don't have any experience with them though, my question is what's the best domain registrar that...
  14. MrDenz

    Letsencrypt & Namecheap SSL

    I just got a fresh domain and hosting and I was not even paying attention because I'm with NameCheap since 2012 and I'm sure it was always free SSL (I might be wrong), and as order details hit my mail, there was no SSL included in all these. The thing is, it is not a problem to pay extra...
  15. Ed Roy

    Best PBN Domain Provider at cheap price

    Guys, Basically, I am thinking to buy 15 domains for PBN. As I want to buy the domain for PBN, so I am looking for a cheap domain provider. What's your favorite domain provider, when it comes to PBN?
  16. iznokill

    [HELP] I got charged extra 2$ on a 0.3$ discount at Namecheap

    hi everyone, I just subscribed to a 0.3$ for the first month offer for wordpress hosting at namecheap after checkout I received a message from my bank saying that I was charged 2 more extra dollars than the subscription price . Can someone tell me if it's normal or explain it to me
  17. MrT131

    Is this okay to host my Landing Pages?

    Hey Guys, i made some money recently with OGAds CPA and now i want to scale my business. The problem is i don't know anything about Hosting or Domains and i just used infinityfree hosting + freenom domain from a tutorial that i found on YouTube. I thought about buying namecheap Stellar Plus...
  18. AldrinRobert

    is namecheap marketplace trusted or scam?

    i do job professionally RJ on a FM radio, and usually i am searching FM related domain everyday and today i found my dream domain on namecheap marketplace, but i have no experience with namecheap. they asking price about 1500$, should i trust them to purchase the domain? they will give...
  19. ninja21

    My expired domain is now premium $1k

    I am so dumb and screwed. It was with namecheap, I always loved namecheap, how can they do this to me? Anyone knows, how they put it into the premium section? I am a bit angry!! I have all my domains with them, why they do this? Explanation: I registered the website and was blogging for a few...
  20. Bookmaker

    Namecheap real phone number?

    Hey guys I have registered a Account on Namecheap and it asks for my address, and phone number. Can I use a fake number or will I receive a important SMS? If yes it’s safe to use a SMS Provider to get the SMS or are they able to hack my Account with their used phone number?