1. survivorghost

    Domain Name Suspension

    Hello guys, I just received a domain name suspension email from my registrar which is Porkbun due to an unexplained policy violation. Are there any suspension-proof domain name registrars? that will not take the domain down regardless of the violation? Thanks
  2. DanTe_0101

    Is there a similar alternative to Namecheap Marketplace?

    I am looking to buy bulk used domains. In namecheap marketplace the domains go for $5. I am looking to buy at similar range(.com .org .net). Many people sell domains when they no longer need it. The issue with namecheap's marketplace is most of the domains there are spammed and are in...
  3. S

    Renewing SSL

    I am renewing SSL for 1 year on Namecheap and it's 11 USD, is there a cheaper way to do it?
  4. A

    Namecheap Suspended My Hosting Due To Overusing Limits of Shared Resources

    Hello, We are writing from the Namecheap Legal and Abuse team. It has come to our attention that the account with the username 'techtmho' is overusing limits of shared resources, affecting the server performance and other accounts hosted thereon. We would like to mention that all the limits...
  5. kiks

    Why Namecheap Charges XXXX for not-renewed domains?

    Hello to everyone, I have one question.. so, I had some Projects with domains registered on namecheap and after finishing with the projects, I didn't bother to renew the domains (10$ .com domains), so a year+ passed by and they expired, and now I want to use them again but namecheap marks them...
  6. Johnpeterburs

    PremiumDNS in Namecheap - Really worth to buy?

    "PremiumDNS delivers 100% DNS uptime and DDoS protection with ultra-fast DNS responses worldwide. DNSSEC is also included with PremiumDNS. Recommended for business & important domains". I am planning to buy .io extension domain in Namecheap, does opting "PremiumDNS" makes any difference in...
  7. Outc@st

    A New Experience With Namecheap...

    When I tried to add a domain to my shopping cart yesterday, I was presented with the live chat icon instead. When I asked the support staff why I couldn't register the domain, they said the following: Namecheap responsibly tries to prevent abusive domain registrations and reduce Internet fraud...
  8. nostalgiaa

    What is your favorite domain registrar?

    Hey guys, I've been using NameCheap for a while, but I have recently been hearing bad things about them. I'm looking to migrate a few of my quality domains out for peace of mind. Does anyone have any recommendations for a solid provider, preferably a larger company?
  9. Muhatrima

    Hostinger Vs Namecheap For Web Hosting ?

    Hostinger Business Web Hosting Vs Namecheap Stellar Business Shared Hosting
  10. Muhatrima

    Never Ever Scan A Premium Domain On Namecheap!

    Namecheap is on the list of Domain Name Providors who will steal and purchase your domain if it is Premium or a good find. Stay away from scanning your good find domains unless you are purchasing them right after the scan.
  11. black_panther

    namecheap account suspend all your domains permanently

    hello sorry for my bad egnlish i want say what happen to me so maby you will think befor use namecheap with cpa i have like 15 domain and hostingplan Stellar Plus evry think look ok almost 1 year but gest what hapen i try login to my account and see this ugly message so i try contact suuport...
  12. J

    Do I Need Special Domain Provider For Adult Website?

    Hi there, I am planning on starting an adult website. For the domain name, can I buy it from namecheap or should I go for any specific domain name provider for adult website?
  13. G

    Google workspace with Clouflarev (problems with MX records)

    Hello there, today I am starting with Google Workspace and Cloudflare. In first step, I protect my domain then add a user and in the last step activate my Gmail account to send out emails. Cloudflare takes me 5 MX records which I need to add to Cloudflare under DNS. Please check the attachment...
  14. snowmanstudio

    Namecheap Shared Hosting Good or Bad ?

    anyone using namecheap hosting.? is it worth to buy?
  15. speedie

    Domain transfer to Namecheap [what is this?]

    I transferred my domain name to namecheap about five days ago. So I had to wait for the transfer process to complete from my old registrar to namecheap. Today, boom! It was already completed. But I have a question. I used cloudflare name servers with my old registrar and I was expecting to add...
  16. ATuringtest

    Namecheap - Some of your saved passwords were exposed in a non-Google data breach

    Got this from Google this morning. Only worried about Namecheap on the list. One or more of the passwords stored in your Google Account was found in a data breach from a site or app that you use. Might want to change your passwords.
  17. Toz

    Do Domain Registrars do This?

    So I had two open windows on a particular registrar, as I was waiting for 2 domains to become available. The moment it happened, the registrar, who is a big name in the industry, took forever to refresh the screen, and then it timed out and went to this bullshit: Of course, both...
  18. MrDenz

    Namecheap Summer Sale - up to 84% off! Sale ends August 2 at 11:59 PM ET

    EDIT: Links might look weird as I just copy/pasted from Gmail. Enjoy! Direct Link: Scorching deals 84% off Domains New registrations Shop Domains 62% off Shared...
  19. UnusualSubstance

    What's your experience with Namecheap hosting?

    Hey there was thinking about using namecheaps hosting for a new site. Obviously, once it gets a decent amount of traffic I'll be moving to better providers. What's your experience been with NC hosting?
  20. MrT131

    How to make shure I don’t lose visitors because my website is to slow?

    Hey BHW, I own a quiz site atm and today I’ve got 1,5K visitors and it’s only 3pm here in Germany. That’s why I’ve got curious if I’m not losing visitors because my website is to slow or the server can’t handle my instant traffic. I should also mention that I’m only getting social traffic...
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