multilingual seo

  1. Dr Doomain

    International & Multilingual Link Building | 100k+ Publications | 40 Countries | 22 Languages

    Click Here To Start Available Countries: Argentina | Brazil | Colombia | Dominican Republic | Germany | Ireland | New Zealand | Portugal | South Africa | Turkey | Australia | Bulgaria | Croatia | Ecuador | Greece | Italy | Norway | Romania | Spain | Ukraine | Austria | Canada | Czech Republic |...
  2. Contenteam

    Hello to all multilingual SEO people here

    Hi, my name is Sasha; I'm new here. I represent a multilingual SEO copywriting company, Contenteam. I'd be happy to chat with multilingual SEO enthusiasts!
  3. Yupwork

    Multilingual Website

    Hi I'm planning to make my website Multilingual and I'm worry if that can damage SEO. based on your experience does Multilingual decrease website traffic?
  4. schttrj

    Multilingual Sites: Okay from an SEO Perspective?

    Is it okay to host multilingual content on the same blog? No duplicate content but say, one article is in English and another in Spanish. Different articles, different URLs. What do you think about this? What are the best practices?
  5. luckyman

    Aggressive Multilingual SEO - Diversified Manual Link Building Service For Non English Sites !

    About US Contact Us If you have any questions or concerns, or you are looking for some thing else, then do contact me Email id: [email protected] Skype: luckyman4ever Phone: 91-512-2585000 Mobile:91-9984399470
  6. A

    domains / subdomains to subdirectories transition examples

    Hi all i got a multilingual website , where our local content is on separate domains, sometimes subdomains. we want to transfer those to subdirectories, so in the end of the day out of we have before however IT guys demand some proof that this will work. i can pull...
  7. codeman1234

    Multilengual SEO and Duplicate Content Question?

    Hello, I am trying to set up a company website with multilingual content feature by subdomains to target different countries, what I mean with this is kind of how Godaddy does it for example: for USA Market we use default subdomain >> for UK market we use this subdomain >>...
  8. S

    Best way to rank a multilanguage site

    Hi, i have my site translate to 6 languages (is where we have offices), but i want know how rank better. the links are|cz|es|etc/page-name Thanks
  9. V

    First time posting on BHW need advice on multilingual SEO

    We are using an automated translation tool for our word press blog. Thanks to BHW our SEO is great for US search results but in China and Japan we are getting our ass kicked on Google. Since we are using automatic translations and do not have staff to do SEO in 41 languages. What can we do in...
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