1. B

    Spotify to mp3

    Does anyone know how to create a website which turn spotify song links to downloadable mp3 file?
  2. C

    Youtube to mp3

    Hello, 1)How can get target traffic? 2)how can make money with mysite? (Wich ads network?) Site: Thanks. It
  3. crazy.ass.mofo

    How to convince clients that my services are better value than IG/FB ads

    I am hoping to find some good articles/stats showing average costs for ads on IG/FB per niche (I am in the vacation/outdoor niche) I am offering IG growth marketing services I want to build a solid pitch to potential clients- anyone got info on how much IG ad costs are increasing per year...
  4. feros456

    50 TerraByte of Music Mp3 + Shopify...

    Hi I have a collection of around 50 TB of MUSIC mp3 files. Can I open a Shopify for Digital Downloads and sell them? The only problem are COPYRIGHTS as I don't own the physical CDs -AND- all these Mp3s are downloaded. Waiting your feedback, thanks a LOT...
  5. alecaus

    About .mp3 in Blog to SEO Up

    Hello People say that adding diversity in posts, such as a video, images, helps Google Ranking. There are sites, such as Auditory, that transform text into audio, which allows the site to be accessible to people with disabilities. Also, does this practice help in SEO? Does google value this...
  6. B

    Mp3 tagger for music sites.

    Hi great members of this forum. I have created a music site and I need to upload songs to my site. I need someone who is kind enough to direct me to where I can download MP3 tagger for music sites for free. Thanks.
  7. B

    Mp3 tagger for music site.

    Hi great members of this forum. I have created a music site and I need Mp3 tagger to upload songs to my site. I need someone to direct me to where I can download it. Thanks.
  8. W

    Ad Network for Mp3 Site

    Hi guys, I have a mp3 site with decent traffic. I'm looking for a good ad network paying on time. It can be either PPC/PPM or popunder. If you had "good" experiences with a CPA type network with mp3 site, you can also state that. Do you have any advice? Thanks.
  9. A

    Webhosting-iraq what to do with it?

    Hey guys I've managed to get some webhosting in iraq of all places, any ideas how i can make money of it? It's a lawless place pretty much everything is pirated there. I was thinking a torrent website?? any ideas would help thank you
  10. A

    Need Script Mp3 Downlod Like mp3juices

    Hi, I need script for mp3 download like mp3juices
  11. TheTyper

    Building a Method: Automatization Needed

    Hello my friends, this is the thing: I have an idea: Make Youtube Videos made with an Mp3 File and images with the ongoing lyrics of the song. It will be a channel specified to a particular kind of music, low competition niche. Will put links in description to monetize and grow pages. So, I...
  12. dreadpixel

    Cool script to download full mp3 albums from specific artist in a row

    Well people, I have something pretty cool today for all the music lovers, even we the bots love it, without it everything will be meaningless with lack of color in life. To the point, what we are going to do: Automatically search for google results using a dork(explained below) for mp3...
  13. I

    Selling Unique Android Music Downloader

    Hi, this app is 100% unique and uses VK servers to find mp3's. It's simple to use & pretty well designed. If someone is interested, leave a message and I will add some Screensshots and more details. Feel free to ask any questions.
  14. Driezzie

    Youtube to mp3 script : is this for real ?

    Hi, is this youtube to mp3 script for real ? Isn't there a catch/hidden link or something ? Link : Source : cheers
  15. V

    Contest 2010 video for bhw!

    3 years Ago I made a video that won second place in 2010 over a contest to see who would make a good ad for our fellow website, just thought I would post it here along with the mp3 MP3
  16. S

    i need mp3 search engine script

    hi guys any body have good working mp3 search engine script mp3skull or any related script plz share with me i really need it thanks in advance
  17. V

    Need youtube videos converted to highest quality mp3

    I am looking for someone who can convert 100 videos into THE HIGHEST HD QUALITY MP3 sound available without loss in quality from the original videos, PM me if your up for the job, will be paying $15 via paypal. Cheers.
  18. B

    Posting music successfully to Youtube

    Hey guys, I'm having a hell of a time posting mp3's converted to videos to youtube. The last one I tried, was literally taken off by UMG in a matter a couple minutes. I've heard of people changing the pitch etc but before I go through that hassle I wanted to get your opinions on what works and...
  19. V

    Amazon Widgets and General Amazon Question

    Has anyone had luck with the MP3 music download widgets? I am setting up a website that adds "honest" reviews of products, but instead of putting albums up in the music section, i'm just using the MP3 player widget that has a playlist of songs in certain genres. General Questions: Once a...
  20. R

    How to bring traffic to my mp3 download site?

    Hello. I own a Blog with albums and soundtracks to download. Currently there's little traffic. The files are hosted on hotfile which pays me per download. I was wondering.. what else could I add to a site like this? what affiliates are recommended? also I need to bring real traffic to my...
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