About .mp3 in Blog to SEO Up


Jan 17, 2017
People say that adding diversity in posts, such as a video, images, helps Google Ranking.

There are sites, such as Auditory, that transform text into audio, which allows the site to be accessible to people with disabilities.

Also, does this practice help in SEO? Does google value this?

I noticed that my competitors did not adopt this practice, does this help me in any way?
This help your site for SEO, one way or another. But I don't think that this can bring a huge impact to your page stats. It will be some good effort, anyway :)
Actually, I think this is a page, which makes it slower to load. And the speed of opening the site is still a factor of utmost importance for SEO.

I think I'll bet on YouTube videos and incorporate them into the Posts. This can help me get YouTube traffic, diversify my site, and more. After all, Youtube = Google.
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