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    I need some help for a movie streaming site!!

    I need some help for a movie streaming site!! I have a movie website my website ( using (WordPress dooplay Theme) and I want to change it. What do you advise me? I want to make a movie streaming website directed to the Arabs and I want the movies to be with Arabic...
  2. A

    How to get traffic to a streaming website?

    hello ppl, I was learning Web Programming through a course. After completion of the course, I was looking for a project, and hence I choose to create a movie streaming website. So Some features of my website: It has a custom video player It has probably all movies and shows possible After all...
  3. RoyalOffshore

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  4. R

    Movie Streaming webiste help...

    Hi, I decided to start the Movie Streaming website and also planned to host my videos on my own server (self-hosting), but i don't know, how to calculate the streaming Server Bandwidth...? So please help me guys, my traffic worth is 200k per day (in future)... and also need some online free...
  5. R

    Requirements for Movie Streaming Website...

    Hi, today I calculate how much bandwidth needed for my Movie Streaming website (Self video hosting)... here blow: Total Traffic - 1Million /per day Number of webpages visit /per user (per day) - 6 webpages webpages size /per page - 2MB or 3MB Bandwidth Calculation = 1000000 x 6 x 2 (MB) =...
  6. R

    How to Stay anonymous on Movie Streaming Website and Payments...

    Hi Friends, I decided to start the movie streaming website, So I collected these below things for website and anonymity: 1.DMCA ignored Dedicated Server and VPS (for streaming and website) (Lyrahosting or SVservers) 2.RDP/VPS for Movie Uploading and Downloading process. (Lyrahosting)...
  7. Starblazer

    What are some less known movie streaming or download websites?

    I need the list of such sites for an article. I'm looking for active websites with <1000 worldwide search volume. Please mention sites with more volume too if they are not popular. They should be streaming or giving download links to movies, TV shows or web series.
  8. A

    How do i start a movie streaming website without funding

    Please help
  9. P@N7#3R

    My Movie Streaming website Journey 2018

    Hey BHW members, This is my first thread in this forum. Hope you all like it. I was looking to earn money online. that was a really long way till now almost 6 years. I tried lots of methods like PTC sites, Youtube, AdMob. short links and many more. But nothing works for me. by all those...
  10. pulok

    How to create a movie download site like this?

    hey guys, i am thinking of starting a new movie streaming website and i came across to this site. https://eflix[dot]stream/5095030. I am looking for this type of theme and i also want to add this kind of cpa content locker.Like when the person will click on the play button the pop up will show...
  11. Sleepshift

    [Journey] First Movie Streaming Website (Local)

    Hello BHW! First of all sorry if I have typos. The (local) in the title means that I'm running the website for my home country only. I don't see a reason to start an international website with a niche I've never explored before. I've been reading a lot of other members' movie streaming journeys...
  12. allif


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  13. methproj

    What's the cheapest way to get legal contents for movie streaming site?

    Sup blackhatters! I'm planning on starting a movie streaming website. Getting domain, hosting, and code scripts aren't the most difficult part, but finding a source of content is a big concern for me. I know there're tons of sites being taken down every now and then due to the legal issue...
  14. R

    Host Servers for Movie Streaming Site?

    Hello BHW family, I have recently started the movie niche about a month and a half ago. The traffic on my site has been growing a lot and have made a few bucks so far. I am trying to look for an alternative to having faster streaming to improve my website. I am planning to host about 18,000...
  15. R

    Movie Streaming Website Questions

    Hello BHW Family. I have a few questions regarding the movie streaming niche. I have done a lot a research and came across many helpful articles. (greyjoker & RazeByte) A couple of questions I have and need clarification: 1) Should I Seo each page with a lot of focus keywords (15K movies)...
  16. S

    Starting movie streaming site.... Need help

    I want to start a movie streaming side.... Lots and lots of public are to watch movie online.... But need help how can my website will not be ban due to copyright... Thanks in advance for your help :)
  17. ikonnmusic

    movie streaming website METHOD.

    Alright kids, I've done just about everything on the internet to try and make a buck or two, just like you. The goal: -Create a movie streaming website (done). -Generate traffic -Make money Before I did anything, everything was done through proxys to hide my self a bit. Even created a brand...