movie straming site

  1. hazzi

    How would I make this website

    A CPA movie landing pagess with No actual movie hosted but the site display thousands of movies. So it looks like a normal movie stream site but when you click play there is a cpa offer
  2. R

    How to make Movie Streaming website with 100% DMCA ignored offshore hosting...?

    Hi Friends, I need fully 100% ignored offshore Dedicated Server/Streaming Server/VPS for Movie Streaming and TV Shows, I ask some host provider's they just advertisement on their website home pages (DMCA ignored Host), but I ask them via chat, they said we do ignore 100% DMCA, then I asked if...
  3. RoyalOffshore

    How To Build And Earn Money With Movie/Trailer Site And Publicly Available Videos ♛MOVIESITE GUIDE♛

    This guide will easily teach you how to build your first legit movie site with professional look and later you will be able to monetize this and search for more movies. We will cover all the steps you will need to take as a newbie to get started with this! With a little twist and putting some...
  4. E

    Movie Streaming Niche Questions

    Hi, after a little research I made on this niche, how to create the site, how to be secure, how to make it profitable, etc. I got one question. 1. Do I need to program a separate page for every movie I add? (Which won't be a problem, but it will make my site very slow)
  5. hazzi

    Fake movie streaming site

    Has anyone eve made a fake movie streaming site so when you click on the player it goes to a cpa offer. If so how do you make it and how did It go?
  6. H

    Movie streaming

    How can I put different servers for movie website which is using WordPress
  7. Jugaddu

    Dooplay, VideoSpider API help

    Hi Guys, I am using Videospide API on dooplay theme(through dooplay integration). Most of the old Movies are showing up fine. But I want to add my own sources for the new movie. Is there a way to disable Videospider API on certain posts on wordpress?
  8. BaeGoody

    Creating a movie & series streaming site in HD

    Please forgive my English flows So, I will be creating a site for movie and series download in full HD and I need all the insight I can get. It will be running this on the Google's blogger platform, so every things going to be done manually. So far, i have gotten a nice domain and theme for it...
  9. Adehorla

    How to live stream sport and wwe?

    Please is there a way to create a live streaming website where I can add live stream on my website. PS: Either free or Paid
  10. D

    Any new ideas about making Movie Site streaming more secure?

    Hello folks, I want to know if any movie site admin around here with new ideas to make movie streaming more secure. I am admin of a movie site with stable traffic and I would like to speak to movie site admin who recently founded new methods for streaming or may be downloading which can be dmca...
  11. hazzi

    Going to take the RISK !?!

    Fuck it I’m gonna do it. I’m going to build a movie streaming site. The thing is I’m from the uk and if I get caught I could go down prison for a couple of years. Btw I’m 16 so I don’t know would would happened if I got caught but I’m not gonna let it happened. My plan is to make 5k passive...
  12. P@N7#3R

    Suggestions for promotion/seo of movie streaming site.

    As you read title Suggestions for promotion/seo of movie streaming site. Looking for seo tricks that will work & boost site traffic. Currently having monthly visits almost 22-23k Age of site 2 months.
  13. pulok

    How to create a movie download site like this?

    hey guys, i am thinking of starting a new movie streaming website and i came across to this site. https://eflix[dot]stream/5095030. I am looking for this type of theme and i also want to add this kind of cpa content locker.Like when the person will click on the play button the pop up will show...
  14. autodream

    movie site on autopilot [auto embed real videos]

    iam searching for a way like theme or something that automate posts for a streaming site include movies ,tv shows , anime ,cartoon i want it to be free the theme should be like that introduced in the video below thank you in advance for your help