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  1. JSr23

    Any tips for rank movie download site?

    Hi, I started a movie download site a few months back. And the site ranked up pretty fast. I download the movies and series from torrent and upload them to file sharing sites. (doodstream,uptobox, etc)And I'm using dooplay theme and used my own plugin to update the links in one click. I got...
  2. Davelabsterp07

    What movie you into now

    Though I am not the movie type but this boredom is killing already. Any movie suggestions guys?
  3. U

    Subtitles in MKV Verystream Vidoza...

    Hello guys, So I noticed one thing, when you download a mkv file from a torrent, with subtitles in it, you need to activate them in your player on your computer. However when you upload that same file, to let’s say (i tried it yesterday) verystream,, Vidoza, Vidcloud, Uqload, it does...
  4. F

    Building a Movie Streaming App

    Hey, Is there any easy way I can develop a movie streaming app without spending money on movie rights? Like how PopcornTime and those websites like 123movies(dot)com do? If so, can someone please help me out with a step-by-step guide on how to do it? Thanks!
  5. A

    Ranking my new website (Movies and Tv shows)

    Hello , Iam trying to rank my new website of movies streaming, If you have any tactics and tips I can use I really appreciate it. Page Authority (PA) 1 Domain Authority 1 External Followed Links 0 Linking Root Domains Total Links 0
  6. livedatingtube

    best place to take movies and embed?

    Hi guys did not talk for some time but now have a problem with my WP theme and where to find movies to embed and that dont have to many popups. thankfull for help.
  7. fooomega

    450 000 movie database for web site

    Hello everyone, I'm new. Help me, can I sell the base, which consists of 450,000 films? In your forum BHW
  8. P@N7#3R

    My Movie Streaming website Journey 2018

    Hey BHW members, This is my first thread in this forum. Hope you all like it. I was looking to earn money online. that was a really long way till now almost 6 years. I tried lots of methods like PTC sites, Youtube, AdMob. short links and many more. But nothing works for me. by all those...
  9. karthikjojo

    How to make our own movie website(like YTS) for free?

    Please, explain in detail
  10. AppleBanana

    Latest Movies Uploaded to YouTube

    Seriously, how did this channel able to upload FULL latest movies to YouTube? This channel just joined YouTube 1 month ago and already achieve millions of views.
  11. A

    Have a new movie streaming site how should I advertise/market it?

    Hey guys I recently just got a gomovies website copy together. Was wondering if anyone els had one of the sites or could give me some advice where the best place to advertise it online would be. Thanks in advance
  12. ForestSloth

    My journey to creating a movie streaming site with $0

    This is my first journey thread, so I though I would share my idea here. Here's the idea: Create an online movie streaming website where people can watch movies online for free. I then earn movie from ads and as an affiliate. Simple right? All I have to is by a domain, hosting. and somehow...
  13. T


    NEED ADVICE: WHAT SCRIPT/PLUGIN IS PUTLOCKER.TODAY USING? I am trying to start a movie streaming site within the next few weeks and want to learn as much as possible about this industry. I want the site to actually have the movie on it, meaning you wouldn't need to click a link to go to...
  14. esi0411

    [Ask] Anyone using jwPlayer for moviesite? do you pay it?

    I all i use JwPlayer for play video at my moviesite , and currently i got this massage via email, anyone using jwplayer and do you pay it?
  15. jenoms_lim

    Help me, Questions About CPA Affiliate Movie / TVSeries

    I pursue CPA affiliate movie / tv series business in one of the world's leading networks. which I doubt so far. After the visitor submit a credit card for the list or become a member, Does the content of the movie / tv in each CPA offer is true there is a movie / tv? or in the offer movie that...
  16. chervenkov

    What is the best way to monetize movie streaming site

    Wat is the best way to monetize this kind of site? CPA , CPM or both? Or some affiliate programs to send something to the people. Any recommendations? Thank you
  17. Sara007

    Movie Streaming site

    Hi : I want to create Movie streaming site can anybody guide me. Thanks
  18. L

    Creating A Movie Site

    Hey guys I would like to create a movie site simular to that of putlocker etc. I have a fairly decent understanding of staying anon but as far as starting up not so much. Could someone highlight the process and give me a ball park figure of the cost of getting my site up and running ? Thanks in...
  19. H

    Website templates

    Hi, im new in this forum and i want to create a movie streming website, where can i find some templates.
  20. Z

    Looking for Viral Reddit Link Poster Partner in Movie Niche to Drive Traffic

    As the title says, I am looking for a partner.. That is really good at what they're doing. I know about promotion, but had no real success with it to get it viral or being seen. I will share the income, stats and evaluate with you every week/month - The traffic you drive to the website will...