1. dnice2012

    Best Place to retire in USA?

    I changed my profession and cant afford to pay thousands every month for this mortgage . I am not too smart , that's why I am asking your advice , If you had 200,000 to buy a house (no mortgage , everything paid off) where would you live? Thank you
  2. T

    anybody have a mortgage lead affiliate?

    anybody know of a good mortgage lead affiliate?
  3. Q

    Might be Smart if trying to buy home being self employed

    I know a fairly new small business owner who doesn't write off many taxes like advertising, goods, etc. to have a larger net profit to show the bank when he got approved for a nice home. Is this even legal or is it his own stupidity paying the government more taxes. He did get approved for his...
  4. R

    Need traffic

    looking for traffic to my rent to own site...Anyone that has subprime traffic please contact me. PM ME
  5. Emmerlee

    Personal Loan / Mortgage Affiliate Network

    Hello House, my primary online personal loan property has been generating high quality personal loan (not payday loan) and mortgage leads to a reputable company (Quinstreet Inc) for a while now.. I am now on the look out for better partnerships (direct or network) that will enhance our...
  6. J

    Looking for a quality SEO / link building service to help....

    Need assistance getting my rankings up in the "mortgage" business here in Canada. I rank top 10 for some good phrases but need to push them higher. Especially for refinancing / refinance of mortgages. Please only reply if you have a suitable service for the above. I prefer quality white hat...
  7. L

    What can I do with this domain ?

    Hi. I have a domain name called ( I also own .org and .uk as well ) I just want to get your ideas about what I can do with these domain names ? Do I have to create a website and put some effort on it to make a profit via adsense or what ? I'm newbie that's why I don't want to...
  8. A

    Looking for Backlinks with Good Page Rank

    i am looking for good backlinks for a finance website. anyone have a good suggestion where i can purchase them from. i need to make this website genarte some good rankings quickly. i would prefer backlinks from relevant sources whihc can keep me under the google radar
  9. blacat

    Looking for reliable mortgage & property insurance quotes CPAs

    I'm looking for reliable CPA programs for mortgage and insurance (property) quotes. I registered with HomeTownQuotes but never got any response from them. Any recommendations?