monetize adult traffic

  1. djmedina

    How can i monetize 900k / day uniques from adult traffic?

    Hey guys, I have a doubt I hope you can help me. I have access to a large source of adult traffic of 900k unique / day maybe much more. It is traffic from Google, blind traffic (a small part) and direct traffic. Obviously I know that the ideal solution would be to set up a website and insert...
  2. X

    How much can i make with my pornsite ?

    Hello people Im very new on the porn industry. Have been running a porn website for a little over 4 months. I upload my own material that i collect from different places. Having aprox 700-800 visits per day, which of that 80% are from USA. I will like to monetize it. And make some money out of...
  3. Mane.D

    I have idea for adult site need help

    Hello, i have a website the website is with sexy pictures and videos the girls are not naked they are half naked only on underwear i use ads from crack revenue i have Instagram page with 3000+followers and facebook page with 17k likes ( but facebook keep me blocking for 1mounth) I want the...
  4. JanLecherous

    Monetizing self-produced adult (niche) content?

    I have a thing for exhibitionism and public nudity. It's not a very small niche, but small enough that there's only a handful of bigger content creators that dedicate their platform to this genre. Since I worked as a content producer for regular companies and brands already, I figured I could...
  5. P

    Recommend affiliate program

    Hello everyone, I am a webmaster, i have many sites and i would like to start monetizing them. I have heard about some adnetworks that work good, but i would like to have your recommendations and which ones do you use. Also would great to know why they make the difference regarding others...
  6. L

    How to monetize my twitter account?

    Hi, I have an adult based twitter account, with just over 50k followers. I don't know the best way to monetize it, so I am looking for any ideas.
  7. M

    Newbie, asking help in monetizing an adult website.

    Hello guys. I'm new here in the forum and would like to ask any input on how I can monetize my website. To be honest, I'm a 100% newbie in IM and would like to make a living out of it. Any advice will be helpful. So, here it is. I created a website using Adrian's help and technique which you...
  8. M

    How to monetize adult traffic whatsapp.

    Hi everyone. I do not speak english, i will try express myself well. I have some whatsapp traffic. 300 man write me daily for whatsapp looking for virtual sex. I want to send them to an adult cpa offer, but I do not know how to make them convert. Should I send some pictures before? I do not...