Monetizing self-produced adult (niche) content?


Feb 7, 2019
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I have a thing for exhibitionism and public nudity. It's not a very small niche, but small enough that there's only a handful of bigger content creators that dedicate their platform to this genre. Since I worked as a content producer for regular companies and brands already, I figured I could combine my skills as a photographer/videographer and... knowledge, if you will, and start producing my own erotic content: girls flaunting and flashing in public places.

Fast forward a couple of months and so far I've done about 15 photoshoots and in December finally started video as well. It was harder to find models for video than for photo, as many people consider it the 'next step' and understandably not everyone is willing to take that step. I made my own website which I use mainly as a portfolio and gate to my content on paid platforms.

I tried to sell through my own website, but I'm not too well versed in WooCommerce (although willing to learn if necessary) and PayPal does not allow the sale of adult content. I turned to Bentbox as a platform to sell my content on for two reasons. One is that it meant that I don't have to struggle with hosting all the files on my website and setting up a working payment platform and all the hassle that comes with it (charge-backs etc.) and two is that the platform already has a userbase that I can tap into. For my videos, I use Pornhub's model program (which hasn't done too much for me yet) and I'm in the process of setting up a producer account on ManyVids for the same reason I use Bentbox. My only issue so far with the platforms is that they take quite the chunk out of my proceedings.

In order to promote my content, I mainly use Reddit's many subreddits, Flickr groups and Instagram (mainly portfolio) as these are the platforms I know well. Most of the time, the models I work with have relatively large online followings (10k++) and are more than willing to help promote our work through their channels as well. These efforts combined give a little boost to my sales, but I'm barely making enough money to even break even on the fees I pay my models. Luckily most of these models are enthousiastic enough to work with me again for a reduced rate, so that lowers my costs a little and their continued support on their socials helps me grow a little (no pun intended).

Recently I got in touch with the main producer for some of the biggest platforms in this niche and he'd like to work with me. I can sell my photosets to him for a set rate per photo and he can use them as content for his subscription websites, with his brand underneath them. The fees I get from selling these sets to him are far more than what I could earn through my own platforms and will actually mean I will make a profit on shooting, rather than struggling to break even. Note: this is just for the photos. Videos are still my own to use.


That is basically where I'm at right now. I would love your advice on my next step. I currently don't make a lot of money from this, way less than I spend on model fees anyway. My current methods are not doing much for me, so I need to either improve greatly on them or find new methods of monetizing my content.

I've been thinking about a subscription website, but that means I have to update the site at least 2 times a week with fresh content. I'm not sure if I can do that right now as I do mostly 1, sometimes 2 shoots a month. If this however is the best way to go about it, I will invest in shooting more. This would also mean I can't sell my sets to the other producer anymore obviously.

My presence also needs to grow bigger. Currently using Reddit, Flickr and Instagram to promote my work mostly, but again it's not moving mountains yet. Currently, I have about 500 followers on each platform. For Instagram I will be trying the 'follow the followers of similar accounts', but any help in this department is greatly appreciated.

I see a lot of amateur/professional models with huge followings, but I feel it's a lot harder to grow a fanbase when you're a producer/studio with many different models than it is when you are the subject yourself. People tend to like and follow SOMEONE rather than SOMETHING and be able to have a personal connection with the model that is the subject of their videos. How can I achieve a similar feel for potential fans?

I feel like I'm in over my head at the moment. I'm completely new to this industry and having a hard time finding a way to make money in a market that is saturated with free content.

If you have any other useful tips and things I should check out, please let me know!