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  1. smm jacopo

    Motivational videos on YouTube

    Seeking advice for a YouTube channel with monetization goal in the motivation and personal growth niche. My intention is to take English-language videos and have them dubbed by a professional in my native language. Leading experts in the field will be approached. Is it still possible to start...
  2. N

    About Monetize a Youtube Channel

    Many people are selling monetize youtube channels, but why do they sell their channels instead of making a passive income? Did they grow their channel with organic traffic? If their channel is already monetized or if they know how to grow channels fast, They could keep growing the same channel...
  3. littleandrew

    YouTube Monetization with ReUpload Shorts and Personal Videos

    Yes, I know another YouTube Journal. First Sorry for my English because is not my native language. I make this thread to share my YouTube experience with you guys and my motivation. I really need to make some buck$ so I will be focused and try to make everything to reach the 1k subscribers and...
  4. valkyrie86

    Edit reused content to bypass content id claim

    Hello guys ive notice alot of channel are reusing videos from other channels but of course adding new voice over, my question how do they edit or bypass those reused content taking from movie or film channel and they monetize their channels, is there a tool or software to bypass reused content id?
  5. A

    A way to determine the earnings of a Youtube channel ?

    Hi folks, My request will seem exotic. I am looking for a particular entity. This entity has a YouTube channel. The owners say it is monetized. Based on the number of views of a video, is it possible to estimate how much money the owners are making? I have no idea how YouTube monetization...
  6. mrsmilyy

    Channel Demonetization after monetization !! what to do ?

    Channel Demonetization after monetization !! what to do ? why ?
  7. V

    Guess Youtube Hates Me

    Guess Youtube Hates Me Been growing the channels since 3 years (Havent been monetized before, posting frequently to grow the channel) 2 channel i grew, the first channel (gaming) got demontized and i angrily sold it Now 2nd channel Applied in February and wasnt approved Applied Some days ago...
  8. Balaurul23

    Youtube chanel

    Hi guys I have some questions about monetizing your youtube account : 1.I have an account from 2013 with a single video that gathered 75k views and a few subscribers(150). Is it worth it to make another one or to start posting on it? 2.For a start, I thought of music videos that can't be...
  9. madakalark

    Got monetization 4 channels

    Hi gurus., I have question. Recently I got monetization for 4 channel's. For these 4 channel's I gave one adsence account. Now, if anyone of my account got terminated will my adsence get effected or remaning channel's will get effected. Can anyone pls clarity me. Thanks in advance
  10. zeroblackhat

    Starting My YouTube Journey With 1 Active Copyright Strike and 907 Subscribers

    Soon I'm going to Hit 1000 subscribers (1K). Currently, I'm having 907 subscribers and a 1 Active copyright strike, I'm uploading daily one video. Previously I have asked in BHW about "CAN I apply for YouTube Monetization with an Active Copyright Strike" and 95% of people told you can apply...
  11. LiquidOCELOT

    smmlite service of 4 hour plus video watch time gone help

    Ok i noticed smmlite not offering this 4 hour plus video watch time source facebook service any more. This was a reliable and cheap service can some one point me to another similar service with similar cheap rates i am completely clueless as followiz is too expensive help.
  12. L

    How People Get rights to Monetize Youtube Contents!

    I recently seen some Youtube channel, non-own content and they are allowed to monetize the content they using like these:, I tried myself with some clips i maded some compilations, and...
  13. darkhackerx

    Guyz Can I increase my watch minutes using RDP

    So hey guys so my channel has crossed 1k Subscribers already and now i need 45k watch minutes to enable monetization. So can i use rdp to increase watch minutes? I will login with any fake account and play my playlist with 10 videos (each videos of approximately 20 minutes) and then close the...
  14. L

    looking for a monetization enebled youtube channel

    hey there forum thread title says it all anybody got a monetization enebled channel that is in good standing with zero copyright strikes? would like to buy it from you if you do have a channel that meets requirement above, text me and we'll negotiate the price
  15. S

    Youtube Monetization Review

    I would like to know your experiences about how long it has taken YouTube to analyze the channel for monetization recently. I have a Tutorials channel where I appear and show the computer screen, all videos 100% made by me (no copyright content) but I have already applied for monetization 40...
  16. Hustlim

    Channel with original beats and ... can i monetize it?

    Hello people, I need advice from more experienced. I've been working on my yt channel for 3 months and now I'm on 1k subscriptions. Through the channel I plan to sell beats - but to get subs, I recorded songs from other artists that I don't have permission to use (eminem, saint jhn, weeknd etc)...
  17. yagami-iori

    Some questions about starting a new channel

    Hi community, I'm really interested in starting a new journey with a Youtube channel, However, I still need some answers to my questions. There are many questions, but don't hesitate to answer if you have only the answer to one :) I noticed a total lack of decently done paranormal...
  18. Alex0808

    Monetizing with 1 community guidelines strike

    That strike will create any issue if i put my channel for review?
  19. S

    Question on YouTube Compilation Channel

    Hi! so I'm a very shy person and have low self-esteem. Nothing to brag about actually lol I've been wanting to create a youtube channel just for fun, and lately, I've been enjoying this game called PUBG (Player Unknown BattleGround) I bet most of you have heard of it at this point. I wanted...
  20. Roshan777

    Is it still possible for new channel to rank videos in top within one month?

    I am uploading videos on YouTube since last year but I haven't get good view and subscribers. Now I want to create a new channel and work on it.I will upload at least 20 videos monthly.Is it possible to get at least one video ranked in one month?with proper seo Note:I am working in competitive...