1. W

    Unusual Question - Hiring Professional Moderators for my Subreddit?

    Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing good and successful in your goals of making money online. First off so you don’t have to read to much if you alreaady have an idea, here’s my basic question: Is it possible to outsource moderation duties to a lower COL country like India or Vietnam, and hire...
  2. N

    How can I get approved to moderate an abandoned sub?

    I've been trying to become a moderator of dead unmoderated subs without any luck. I have made several request for subs of all sizes. Some of them have been dead for years but I always get rejected. My account is over a year old and I have never been banned from any subs. Do I need to already...
  3. J

    Advice on how to moderate a subreddit solo using multiple reddit mod accounts?

    I have a few subreddits with 50k+ subs and am looking to add extra mods for backup in-case my main mod account gets banned or any other account issues arise. Looking for some clarification on the Questions below: 1. Your allowed to have multiple reddit accounts but cant have multiple mod...
  4. N

    Any Reddit mods here? Need to promote my product on e-com related subreddits

    I'm looking for moderators w/ any sub where content can be related to e-commerce. For instance: r/malefashionadvice r/interiordesign r/deals Askreddit type knowledge subs (can probably figure out a way to make it work) Etc. I want to *subtly* promote my product there, and not have it be...
  5. W

    What would you do with a subreddit with 1 million unique monthly visitors?

    I don't see much discussion about monetization related to Reddit. Understandable, because the admins like to keep it pretty much all to themselves, but I think it has serious potential, and maybe more moderators are profiting from it, than most observers would expect. I'm making about...
  6. Negi Ji

    Want to sell PR services on BHW Marketplace

    I want to sell my PR Services on BHW but due to some losses, I will be doing that in 1-2 months. But I want to know the costing and all for that so I can arrange that much money to start selling here:- junior VIP - $120 and BST - $30 but I am confused about the work which the seller has to give...
  7. YouDeserveTheBest


    Hi! I have applied to them 2 times as a mod. About 6 months ago and the second time was about 1 month ago. No reply. Are they reliable? Thank you!
  8. kumars64

    Learning how to be a moderator? Any course?

    Hi Mod, Is there any course that would teach on how to be a moderator or maintain forum. I really do not have knowledge about this subject, but I am very interested to learn and like to spend much time over the forum. Thanks
  9. Chiku Arsen

    It's URGENT ...How can I contact an Admin or mod here???

    If anyone can please mention a mod or admin I can talk to in private chats.
  10. T

    Moderator approval?

    Is there certain things I shouldn't say on this forum? Am I getting banned when it says the message can't be viewed in public?
  11. PaintedBlack

    Report system QoL suggestion

    I'll be brief as this isn't that important and might have been mentioned before, but I think being able to report a post without typing in a reason would be a really sweet quality of life update for the forum. I'd guess most reports aren't about serious rule breaking, rather minor things which...
  12. S

    Seeking Wikipedia Admin or Mod

    Only JR VIP with proven history in working on Wikipedia Pages and better admin or mod there can msg me trough PM. Send me skype i will contact asap.
  13. legion85


    My goal is for you to get this message: Everyone knows that Reddit is a goldmine for niche related traffic. Spamming to subreddits will get you banned, but what if you could become a moderator of a subreddit? Reddit allows people to become moderators of a subreddit if it’s moderators aren’t...
  14. tomeritzcohen

    Admin - Please read - Urgent. someone hacked account.

    Hi admin, This is a user of a friend of mine, I'm using to contact you ASAP regards my hacked account. Username : adonthenet Email starts with happy Someone changed my email address and password, I can't login in the past few days. maybe he's trying to scam people. Please secure and help me...
  15. MJ1

    Favorite moderator?

    I’m sure all mods here do amazing and tough job but basing on my personal thoughts and experience , and without any hesitation or second thought, it’s @Zwielicht . Proactive, helpful, non-judgemental and always seem to go above and beyond to make sure everyone stays safe here ♥️ It’s nice to...
  16. eisenhorn

    reddit advice

    i'm a mod on over a dozen sub reddits 5 of which could be used to push a narrative. the others are mostly under utilized key words and some jokes. My interests are subs, followers, and views just like everyone elses but my sub reddits, which have been communities for years, aren't targeted...
  17. creativeASS

    Help me please

    Hey guys, this is notorious but I don't know what to do now. You know what? I amI Love with that girl named @WilhelmScream. Please please be my friend or girlfriend. I really like you. It seems old fashioned but I don't know why I'm in love with you. You got kinky eyes. Guys please help what to...
  18. Ashish.aj

    How can i contact the Moderators ?

    How can i contact the Moderators ? I need to talk to moderators about something important. Can any moderator PM me please.
  19. CaptainKing

    Where to upload torrents?

    Every time I upload a torrent it gets banned almost instantly! I have uploded movies and tv episodes at TPB, mininova and 3-4 other torrent sites and get banned everytime. I have a password protection in my file so when downloaded the user will have to go to my content locker site (sharecash)...
  20. A

    Want a Moderator for my forum

    I want a moderator for my forum which is in a similar pattern of what blackhatworld is into. The site is ready it has got some posts. What i want the Moderator to do is. 1- Copy 5 articles daily and post it in the relevant Categories. 2- Increase the nos of participants.
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