meta descriptions

  1. A

    Page Title, Focus Keyword, Slug and Meta Description with same keyword?

    is it good way if I started meta tags like The Page Title, Focus Keyword, Slug and Meta Description all with the same Keyword/s. Please response? TIA!
  2. S

    Is using multiple meta description tag, a Blackhat Technique?

    Please let me know ! I also want web 2.0 site list !
  3. greenfleet

    Meta Description Are Going Insane

    Is it me or are meta descriptions listing around 300 characters in search? I wonder what the big G is up to. Thoughts? example below. Not my sight. I promise!!!!
  4. K

    meta tag help

    I have two websites. One small, one big, i need meta tags and unique content on each page. Both the sites are word press. Pls pm if u offer affordable and a good turn around on services. Should i hire a content writer as well?
  5. R

    [Help] Facebook is not showing my newly published post's meta description/thumbnail

    Hey Blackhatters. I have started using Cloudflare two days ago...But now when I am sharing my newly published post of my site on my facebook page, facebook is not fetching my meta description and thumbnail. When I tried Google Plus for the same everything is working there any bug in...
  6. seoguy81

    How to remove date from meta description

    When my results show in Google for the respective keywords, in the meta description I see the date as well. Is there a way to remove the date? Example meta description shows up as: 15 Jun 2009 ... My meta description I use FV Simplr SEO and very pleased with it.. Would like to know if there's...