merch by amazon

  1. odyssee

    My 2022 Earnings With 3 Years Of Experience

    Hey guys, my alias is Odyssey and I've been making money online for about 3 years now. I've been reading here for a while and wanted to introduce myself. Currently I am 23 years old, born in Germany and I still live here with the goal to move to a country with a higher quality of life. The...
  2. J

    Amazon Merch course

    Hey guys! I am into merch by amazon for a couple of years now. Or rather say I have an account which makes small money for years without touching it. I want to get back into it but a lot of things have changed. I am looking for the best up to date course on this topic. Much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. O

    What is your best facebook group?

    tell me about your best Facebook group, cause i have a new idea that i think is a very interesting one that will help people
  4. LegendAndroidX

    Curios about this Merch by Amazon account

    Hello , i was searching for new niches to upload on my merch by amazon account , and i found this account : Link : Amazon If here any merch by amazon expert please let us know how he is still surviving even tho he is using copyrighted pictures ?
  5. T

    Looking to buy Merch by Amazon accounts

    Hi, I'm looking to buy Merch by Amazon accounts. My old account got blocked and I'm not able to register one to the same address/card of course. I'm looking for someone that can provide me account(s) that have some existing sales or are validated by amazon (tax info, ID, etc.) I can pay with...
  6. xanaIDE

    Afilliate, MBA, KDP on the same Amazon account?

    Hey everyone, another newbie question here. Let's suppose I'm into Merch by Amazon, KDP, and affiliate programs on the same Amazon account. Let's imagine I did some copyright mistakes on some of the designs on Merch by Amazon. Do they just ban me on the specific program, or they shut down the...
  7. O

    How to link bank account to Merch By Amazon aka MBA

    Hello, recently i had problems with Payoneer and i had to delete my account, is there another bank similar to it, to linked with my MBA account and receive my profits,i have tried Paysera but they ask me to upload passport pic which i don't have they didn't accept my ID. i wish to find other...
  8. A

    Etsy or Merch by Amazon ?

    Etsy or Merch by Amazon ?
  9. M

    method to upload trademark design

    how can i upload tredmark design on all marcketplace "redbubble,etsy,teepublic,teespring i need this methode ??
  10. M

    Merch by Amazon application:

    Hello folks I have now tried to register with Merch by Amazon twice. Both times I was rejected. Enclosed you find the text from last time. How should I write it differently so that I will be accepted? Hello Since about one year I create designs. I sold my designs on platforms like Redbubble...
  11. Nekronomikon

    [JV] I need your marketing skills! (80% commission for you!) Amazon MBA

    I recently got approved on Amazon MBA, so I want to make something out of it as a side project. At the beginning I am only allowed to upload one Design for one product. So I went for a "Columbus Day" themed design on a standard T-Shirt, that I want to sell on the US Market. As this is a side...
  12. hazzi

    My Merch by amazon account + your designs

    I’m am looking for someone who can make some decent designs. We can split it 60/40. Right now I am only on tier 10 but we can grow quickly.
  13. EternalFun

    Wow! Merch by Amazon acc banned!

    So, I signed up approx a year and got accepted in 2-3 days but I didn't use it as I was busy with some personal issues. Saw they closed my account. I asked them and they said inactive accounts are like violations or something and I am prohibited to make a new account. What is the chance to make...
  14. godknowseverything

    ✅ [FREE GIVEAWAY] Merch By Amazon T-Shirt Designs ✅

    Hey, I have been doing Merch for over 2 years now, Made decent profits and sold my business a few months ago. I have over 1k designs researched for Amazon using tools like Merchinformer, Ahrefs and Google trends. If you've Merch by Amazon account or a Amazon FBA seller, Post a comment below to...
  15. justaregulardude

    [METHOD] Monetizing your IG Feature Page (Fashion, Luxury, Nature, etc.)

    So I’ve been teaming up with some feature pages recently who have lots of followers and don’t know how to monetize besides selling shoutouts. What I’ve noticed was that their URL link was usually empty when they could be using that to sell merch! This guide will focus on Merch by Amazon only...
  16. liman

    Merch by Amazon?

    I am thinking to buy an account. From your experience, is it worth it? is it safe to buy? I heard that Amazon will end up blocking your account when they detect the ownership change.
  17. godknowseverything

    [ JV ] My Graphic Designs + Your Merch By Amazon account

    Hey, I am looking for someone with Merch By Amazon account (500 tier or more). Send me a message if you're interested! Thanks
  18. B

    Looking to partner with Graphic Designer for Merch By Amazon, Shopify store

    Hello, I have an active Merch by Amazon account but have no experience making t-shirt or other apparel designs. I'm interested in partnering up with a graphic designer to upload designs to my Merch By Amazon account. Additionally, I have a twitter account with 50k+ followers that was getting 1...
  19. lostchoas

    [Method] How to make amazing designs and sell them in bulk.

    There are less than 90 days till Black Friday, or make fucking money day. I have been quiet for awhile since my last post about merch, im still going strong on merch but never updated it as im a busy father of a 3 year old boy and Co-own a local marketing agency so whenever i do have freetime, i...
  20. googlebis

    My request got rejected for the second time in Amazon Merch!?

    the first time i requested with my existing amazon account after 3 days i got rejected the second time i tried with different email and today i received a rejection email !! i told them i have 2-3 years of experience and i've been desinging in different platforms that are similar to merch by...